How to extend the WiFi signal

Sometimes  extending the WiFi signal  can be the only solution to get Internet connection even in rooms where it does not reach. Sure, modern modems are always more powerful and offer much greater coverage than in the past, but they still can’t work miracles.

Often it is the structure of the house or the place where they are placed to decree a better or worse signal. However, if you have no alternative on their positioning, there is only one way to go. Extending the WiFi signal, in fact, allows you to overcome obstacles using accessories designed ad hoc.

So with today’s guide, we’re going to see what methods you have available to greatly improve your connection. It goes without saying that, although cheap products are really inviting, performance inevitably goes up as the price goes up. Try never to forget this detail.

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5.1. Extend the WiFi signal for short periods

Extend Your WiFi Network: Range Extender or Powerline?

If you are going to buy an accessory to  extend the WiFi signal,  there are so many on the market today. Their uses are different and dedicated to different scenarios, where one of the other alternatives may not work properly.

Always keep in mind that, in order to choose the most suitable model for you, you must also consider the type of connection you use. With a very normal  ADSL  , in fact, beyond the quality of the product, it is not necessary to buy a particularly expensive product.

On the contrary, if you use  optical fiber,  this detail could make a difference. Especially with the  1 Gbps one,  the loss of bandwidth could be really important if you choose cheap products. Although you are free to buy the accessory you prefer, we would like to clarify our advice.

Before leaving you to the complete description of the devices, take a look at the video we have dedicated to a  practical example of how to extend the Wi-Fi signal  in a multi-storey house.

Range Extender

The Range Extender is certainly the first product that comes to mind when deciding to extend a WiFI network. Although their construction is quite complicated, it is basically an antenna that bounces the signal coming from your modem, effectively transferring the connection to adjacent rooms, where the signal would not normally arrive.

The simpler models use a 2.4 GHz signal   the basis for this technology, ensuring good but not optimal performance. For some time now, however, these accessories have also evolved and some more expensive models also implement the more modern  5 GHz.

In this case the performance will be much better and will allow you to make the most of your fiber optic connection  For their configuration, simply connect a laptop or smartphone or laptop to the new WiFi network created and then connect the Range Extender directly to your modem that you usually use.

Nothing complicated here and moreover the manufacturers are very attentive to the configuration procedures, explaining them carefully in the instructions. In most cases, an application will be available that will guide you step by step through the configuration process.

Most purchased range extenders



TP-Link Wireless WiFi Repeater, Dual Band AC1200 Speed, WiFi Extender and Access Point, Compatible with Fiber and ADSL Modem, up to 1.2Gbps (RE305), White


Another alternative to extend the WiFi signal in a simple and effective way is represented by the Powerline. Less common than range extenders, they allow to overcome some problems that are intrinsic in their characteristics.

In this case, in fact,  the electrical system of your home is used  to extend the signal. Just put one of the two powerlines plugged into the socket and connect its twin in the same way in another room and that’s it. It goes without saying that the condition of your electrical system will play a major role in this challenge.

Although this is a relatively recent technology, it has already been significantly improved and now allows  stable and fast connections. Their cost is low and you will not need special knowledge for their operation. Always remember that in the first module you connect, you will have to insert the  Ethernet cable  to get the internet signal.


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