How to increase and decrease the size of a web page in Chrome

Every day thousands and thousands of people surf the Internet in order to obtain information, search for jobs, download music, chat, check their mail, among others with the purpose of extending their knowledge, that is why there are pages or websites.

There are search engines or browsers that allow you to have access to information that you can investigate or collect through the web. That is why it is important to know the best web browsers of 2020 .

A browser can be considered as a software that allows you to enter web pages, it has an interface that performs communication through a protocol called HTTP.

Through them you can access documents, texts, audios, videos, emails, social networks or visit sites of your choice and even download images from a web page .

This can be very useful to collect information regarding: bank accounts, services, entertainment and different activities of a personal nature.

On the web you will find several varieties of browsers that you can use such as: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome.

One of them that you can use is the Chrome browser that is available in more than 50 languages, easy to use and you can install it on different operating systems, since it has open source and you can update it to the latest version easily.

This in turn is very comfortable, safe, fast, durable and effective. Chrome was created by Google INC in 2008 and was listed as one of the fastest browsers in the world.

The name of Chrome means “graphical user interface” , it offers you the opportunity that when entering its use it is completely simple, that is why it is preferred by 750 million people who use it.

Its most outstanding features are its efficiency, tab movements, incognito mode, free and open source software, quick and instant bookmarks, safe browsing, search bar, improvements and updates and downloads.

Chrome can not only be a browser for computers but you can also use it on smartphones and tablets; as well as on other devices which you can run on various operating systems such as: Windows, Linux, Mac x, Smartphone, Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

What is a web page?

The web has its roots in the word of English origin that means network or cobweb. It is the network that allows you to manage information on the internet or in a browser.

On the web there are web page creators who at the time of making them use the HTML language (hypertext markup language) that allows the user or Internet user to create or search for information on the internet.

Researchers from the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN created a program under the name of the World Wide Web in 1991.

World Wide Web was a system that allowed the use of internet protocols allowing users to store information in different formats.

The web pages are digital or electronic pages with important and timely information on various topics saved on your computer linked to the internet.

These pages can be consulted by both you and other people in the world with total freedom, however you can observe that there are certain pages that in order to enter you must have a permit.

The pages or websites are dynamic because they have videos, audio, animations, texts, or hyperlinks with other linked pages and can entertain you.

To be able to access these pages, your computer or mobile device must have an efficient browser such as Google Chrome, which is efficient and fast to access them.

How to increase and decrease the size of a web page in Chrome?

Learn how to move this size in a simple way in the most used web browser on the internet. They are two simple steps that bring many benefits.

Step 1

Access the internet on your computer and look for the Chrome browser where you can identify the options you are going to use. Once in Chrome click on the corner in the upper right hand corner and click on “More” and then go to “Settings”.

Step 2

Then click on appearance there you will find the options where you can change the font size and the elements you want to customize, adjusting them to the size you want.


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