How to increase text size in Chrome

The normal size of the standard font that is displayed in Chrome and the web pages we visit is not always the most suitable for us. If we have problems reading the texts on the screen of our device, a quick way to solve it is to zoom.

However, zooming is not always the most appropriate, since many times the only thing that we achieve when zooming is that the web page loses its format and the texts appear superimposed, overlap with the images or advertisements and everything is done in a mess. In short, we achieve exactly the opposite effect of what we are looking for, which is basically being able to read a web page in a comfortable and orderly way, but with a larger text.

How to increase font size in Chrome without zooming

Until not long ago, the only way to enlarge the text without doing a full zoom was to install an extension like “ Advanced Font Settings ”. Luckily, Google’s browser already allows you to change the font size natively without too much hassle. Let’s see how it works.


To enlarge the text size in the mobile version of Chrome, while the rest of the elements keep the same size (images, etc.), follow these steps:

  • Open Chrome and click on the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select ” Settings.”
  • Within “Advanced Settings” enter the ” Accessibility” settings .
  • Finally, simply drag your finger on ” Text Wrapping” to increase the font size until you reach the desired visibility. To do this you can guide yourself by taking a look at the example text box that you will see just below the adjustment bar.

Now just reload a page and you will see how the text has increased in size by the indicated percentage. As the rest of the images, icons, etc. are not zoomed in. they will continue to appear at normal size, as can be seen in the screenshot below (normal size font on the left, enlarged font on the right).


Although this functionality works great in the version of Chrome for mobile devices, in the desktop version of Chrome for PC things changes a lot. First of all, let’s see how it is activated.

  • Open Chrome and display the options menu located in the upper right corner of the browser. Go to “Settings”.
  • In the side menu on the right, click on “Appearance”.
  • Go to “Font size”.
  • Select one of the available options: very small, small, mediumlarge or very large .

The pages should automatically show the text enlarged or very enlarged depending on the option chosen. In any case, I must say that after several tests we have detected that some websites such as Wikipedia and some others do show the enlarged text, although this is not something that happens with the majority of web pages that we visit.

Therefore, the management of the font size in Chrome from PC is quite burdened, without being fully functional. Another solution would be to install the extension “Advanced Font Settings” (you can find the installation link at the beginning of the post), although from what we have been able to verify there is not much difference in the results.

Configuration menu of «Advanced Font Settings».

It is probably some problem derived from the template used on the web or the adaptability programming of the texts, but the fact is that there does not seem to be a really effective solution to increase the font size in Chrome for PC without zooming.

Remember that if you need to zoom in Chrome, you just have to display the options menu and click on the “+” or “-” buttons.

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