How to increase Google page size

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers out there, it has a lot of hidden functions that can help you. In this article we will teach you how to make the Google page bigger.

One of those great tools is to be able to increase or decrease the size of the content on Google websites, this is ideal for those who do not like to strain their eyes, detailing images or reviewing texts for long hours.

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How to see bigger the Google page?

In the upper right, next to the bar to ” search in Google or enter url “. Locate this symbol and click on it:

  • A toolbar will appear and press the 7th option called “ Zoom”.
  • In the icon you can increase the size of the elements on the screen and they will automatically adapt to new proportions.
  • In the icon you can shrink the elements on the screen so that they are distributed in a predefined way by Google’s measurements.

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It is easier to use the keyboard to see the Google screen larger

With the keyboard we can use action commands to make life even easier. By applying the CTRL + combo on your computer keyboard, the texts, images and videos within the browser will be enlarged.

Using instead the combination of CTRL + keys you will decrease the size of the elements on the web page that you are, contrary to the previous case.

This is our favorite method, but we want you to choose yours.

Full screen mode

This is for users who prefer an immersive experience, as the Google Chrome screen can be expanded to the point of hiding the taskbar on your computer. It is done as follows:

  • You can go back to the top of the screen and tap ” customize and control Google Chrome” or (the three dots).
  • Go to ” Zoom“.
  • Click on the icon and there you will access full screen mode.

But if this wasn’t straightforward enough, it also has a keyboard command.

Use CTRL + F11 and you’re done. In a second you have the mode activated as a whole Hacker of the network.

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Reset Zoom for Google Chrome

In general, these options are very practical since it is usually annoying to enter several web pages with different settings and strain your eyes. Luckily you have these options in your faithful friend Google.

However, the last thing left for you to be an expert, is to know how to reset the size of the tabs without going to the settings menu. Use CTRL + 0 and you will reset all the original zoom settings.

Now you know how to enlarge the google page to facilitate your navigation in this incredible search engine.

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