Many Fortnite players are constantly complaining about lag and high ping. We therefore thought we would tell you how to improve your ping in Fortnite!


Before we talk more about how you can improve your ping, we thought we would start by clarifying what ping is. In short, it is the reaction time of your connection. In other words, how fast or slow you get a response after you send out a request.

A fast ping thus means a faster and more responsive connection. As you probably understand, a slow ping means the opposite – a bad connection. But then why is this so important?

Well, because a bad ping can cause lag and delays when playing Fortnite and other games. Which in turn can lead to you performing worse than your opponents. And who wants that? No!


Below are our top tips for improving your ping when playing Fortnite and other similar games:

  1. Move closer to the router – If you use a wireless internet connection and the router is in another room, the signal may be degraded as a result. A tip is therefore to move closer to the router. It should be added, however, that this is unlikely to solve the problem completely.
  2. Shut down background programs – Large and heavy programs such as Netflix, Youtube and Twitch tend to degrade your ping. A good tip is therefore to turn off all possible background programs when playing Fortnite. Keep in mind that this does not only apply to the computer you are playing on, but to all devices connected to the internet.
  3. Disconnect devices from your Wi-Fi – Speaking of devices! Another thing you can do to improve your ping is to disconnect as many devices as possible. If there are a lot of computers, tablets, telephones and smart TVs connected to the internet, this can lead to a deteriorating ping.
  4. Choose a local server – Fortnite is one of the few games that gives you the ability to choose a server. Something that is excellent when you want to improve your ping. To do this, simply navigate to game settings and adjust the “Matchmaking Region” to the region closest to you.


There you have it – a handful of simple but effective tips that can help you improve your ping in Fortnite. Hopefully you can use these to get rid of any lag.


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