How to improve visibility in Warzone


  • How to improve visibility in Warzone
    • Adjust brightness
    • Color blind settings
    • Square minimap
    • Rendering Resolution
    • Increase field of view
    • Adjusting Nvidia settings
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When it comes to playing Warzone and winning as many games as possible, you want to have every possible advantage in the competition.

If you’re playing with sub-optimal settings, your visibility is probably lower than some of your competitors. If you want to see enemies better, you need to use the best settings in Warzone. Let’s get started and see how you can improve visibility in Warzone.

How to improve visibility in Warzone

There are several ways to improve visibility in Warzone. Below is a list of the methods we use to ensure the best in-game visibility .

Adjust brightness

The biggest reason people have poor vision in Warzone has to do with their brightness levels. If they are installed incorrectly, it can be difficult to see enemies in certain lighting conditions.

When adjusting the brightness, make sure you set it correctly. For me, I have it set to 65 and the barely visible square is clearly visible. This makes it easier to see enemies in multiplayer. Depending on your monitor and settings, you will have to adjust this setting to suit your needs.

I recommend setting it up so it looks something like the one below.

Color blind settings

You’ve probably turned this setting off unless you’re colorblind, however turning it on can make enemies easier to see for everyone.

We recommend setting Colorblind Type to Deuteranopia and Colorblind Target to Both, however, depending on your eyes, you may find it easier to see other combinations. Test each option for yourself to see which one works best for you.

Square minimap

Most people don’t know about this, but you can change your minimap from the standard round minimap to a square one. This allows you to see a bit more of the map in the four corners, which means you can spot enemies that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Rendering Resolution

If you have a powerful graphics card, you can increase the render resolution to improve the visibility of enemies from a distance. Increasing this setting will load more of the map in front of you.

We recommend setting the render resolution to 120 if you are playing at 1080P. This will increase the render distance without a big FPS hit. If you are playing at a higher resolution, leave the render resolution at 100.

Increase field of view

Increasing the field of view allows you to see a wider view. This means that it will be much easier for you to notice people walking to your left or right. The downside of increasing the field of view is that your enemies will be smaller on your screen and harder to hit.

Personally, I prefer the 115 FOV, but it can be a bit large if you’re used to playing with a lower FOV. Try a few different FOVs and see what works best for you.

It’s also important to note that increasing the field of view will lower your FPS.

Adjusting Nvidia settings

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can add Nvidia game filters to make your game more colorful. While this may lower the frame rate a bit, it does make enemies much easier to see.

To add these filters, you will need to install the GeForce Experience app on your computer. To add filters, do the following:

  • With Warzone open, press ALT + Z to open the Geforce Experience in-game overlay.
  • Click Game Filter on the left.
  • You can create different styles that you can switch between. Select one of the numbers to start creating a new filter.
  • Below is a list of filters you should add to improve your visibility in Warzone.

Best Nvidia Geforce Experience Warzone Filters

Brightness Contrast

Exposure: 0%
Contrast: 5%
Highlights: -20%
Shadows: -50%
Gamma: 0%


Sharpness: 30%
Sharpness: 20%
HDR Toning: -16%
Color: 0%


Hue Color: 0%
Hue Intensity: 0%
Temperature: 0
Saturation: 70

These are our recommended settings to start with, however you may need to tweak some of them slightly to get the image and color you are looking for.


That’s it, these are the best ways we’ve found to get a better view of enemies in Warzone. Hopefully now you can see those hated enemies camped in a dark corner. You can thank us when your K/D starts to grow and you win every second game.


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