How to improve game graphics on Android

With the advancement of mobile technology, the world of video games has migrated from desktop computers to telephones. However, many still do not have the necessary performance for this. This does not mean that it is impossible to play on mid-range cell phones. In this article you will discover how to improve the graphics of games on Android .

Currently, many mid-range smartphones have a “game mode” that when activated improves the performance of the phone so that the gaming experience is much better. If your phone is from previous years, you don’t have to give up the best games to play without an Internet connection on Android.

GL Tools is an application that is downloaded from the Play Store that aims to enhance the gaming experience if the phone does not have Gaming mode. If your phone is high-end, this tool will make it reach its full potential. If you just run some games it is useful to improve your performance and be able to play better. It can be combined with another method to play the high-end PC games on Android with GForce Now in the blink of an eye.

How to improve the graphics of games on Android?

When installing the application, the first thing you will do is analyze the phone’s GPU and its processor to see how you can optimize the mobile to improve the gaming experience.

First we will see a list of installed applications, there you will select which ones you want to activate the game mode. When this mode is activated, GL Tools will improve the phone’s performance , graphics and speed.


Scrolling the screen to the right will expand the menu that allows you to configure the game mode. Selecting the correct options is what will maximize the phone’s potential when running a game, thus enhancing the user experience.

Game turbo

The first thing to configure is the Game Turbo. For this click where it says ” Game Turbo ” in the menu. Discover how to improve the graphics of Android games step by step:

  • The first thing is to increase the use of CPU and GPU when the game mode is activated. This activates all the cores when games are so light that they can’t do it themselves.
  • The second step is to remove the RAM and all the applications running in the background.
  • Then activate system monitoring. Thus, when the game mode is active, it will notify you if there is any function that interrupts the performance of the game.

These are the first steps in the process of improving the graphics of Android games with GL Tools. It is the most basic part. To further improve performance, configure the Game Tuner section.

Game Tuner

This section contains the less common settings when optimizing the phone in gamer mode. To maximize the graphics of Android games, follow the following recommendations.

  • The first thing is to improve the resolution of the game. It allows you to do it from qHD to WQHD. Useful if you want your phone to run at 2K but the resolution is HD.


  • Then optimize the game graphics . If you are a fan of good resolution images, here you can adjust the textures, shadows and other graphic options.
  • The next step is to adjust the FPS . If your phone by default runs the game at, for example, 30 FPS, with this setting you can double the amount of frames per second you use when playing.
  • The filter sets are applied colors on the screen at the time of play. You can choose between movie mode, realistic, vivid tones, among others.

By following this to perfection, you will soon have access to other games such as Counter Strike for Android without complicating yourself.

These are the settings allowed in the free version of GL Tools

The Pro version allows you to further improve the graphics of Android games. Also, the Pro version of GL Tools allows other quite interesting options, such as the improvement of the PING, a PING test to choose the one that is better or add the Zero Lag mode.

Likewise, the Pro version has the option of “Potato graphics ”, this refers to the fact that if your mobile is low-end and it barely runs the games, it applies a special configuration that allows you to play with a better user experience.


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