How to add foreign contact number in WhatsApp?

This article explains how to add foreign numbers to WhatsApp so that you can easily talk and make video calls on WhatsApp from your phone to people anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the internet, the world is increasingly connected, distances have become shorter and with the help of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, having friends in every corner of the planet is much easier.

Thanks to WhatsApp, thousands of people keep in touch every day. It is very simple to use and quite intuitive. You just have to learn to use WhatsApp quickly and easily.

Add foreign numbers to WhatsApp

Adding a new contact to the phone book is very easy. You just have to write down the numbers that the national telephone company assigns and select save. But what if the number you want to add is from another country? Read on and learn how to add foreign numbers to WhatsApp.

For the same country, telephone prefixes are usually very similar, so it will be easy for a person who lives in that country to recognize it. However, these numbers change according to the country and its geolocation, and there may be more than one per area.

If we want to contact a foreign person we must know the number that identifies their country , there is a different one for each nation. Foreign numbers also have a prefix “00” which in some cases is reflected as a positive sign (+)


Thus, to add foreign numbers to WhatsApp, you must dial 00 plus the international prefix assigned to that country and then the phone number with which you want to maintain contact. After that, they can make a group or multiple video call on WhatsApp in no time.

Steps to add a foreign number to your contacts

To add foreign numbers to WhatsApp you must follow the following steps:

  1. 1. In the contact book of your cell phone select the button “Add new contact”.
  2. When adding the contact number, start by typing the prefix plus (+). This is added automatically by keeping 0 pressed.
  3. After the prefix plus (+) add the area code of the country you want to contact.

The area code is the number that represents each country internationally. This number is different for everyone. It is advisable to search the internet for the code of the country you want to contact.

For example, if you want to call the US, the country code is “1” and its area code is “408”. If you want to call from Spain to the number 123-4567 in the United States you must dial: +1 408 123 4567.

On the other hand, if the contact is from Venezuela, the area code is 58 and the telephone number is 0416 123 4567, to add it to the contact book you must remove the 0 from the beginning and write it with the area code, that is, +58 416 123 4567.

  1. After having entered the number correctly, you assign a name to the contact and select “ save”.


5.Once ready, you go to the WhatsApp application and select the “new chat” button.


  1. A tab will open with all your contacts. There you must open the menu and select ” update” so that the notebook is updated and added to the new contact you just added. And ready.

It is important to note that some telephone numbers have even more detailed specifications as in the case of Argentina. Its country code is ” 54 “.

To add an Argentine number to WhatsApp you must write +54 and then a “9” before the phone number. In addition, the national prefix “15” must be removed so that the final number has 13 digits. That is: +54 9 123 456 7890.

In the case of Mexico something similar happens. Its area code is “52”. When adding a Mexican number, a “ 1 ” must be added after 52 , regardless of which phone they use. That is: +52 1 123 4567


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