How to hide your phone number in WeChat

Social networks have begun to form a fundamental part of our lives , allowing us to connect with anyone of intimate importance in our life at the time we need to, in addition to allowing us to post, share and create varied content to have a good time or venture into the world of influencers.

There are various types of social networks, many of them very popular and interesting, which have the characteristic of being endowed with lots of features and tools that make conversations with other people more dynamic and fun, such is the case of the Chinese social network WeChat .

WeChat works as an application for smartphone phones developed by the giant Tencent, which offers advantages such as sending text and voice messages, live broadcasts, video calls, as well as sending multimedia content.

It allows the creation of official or verified accounts that allow us to create environments for interaction with followers, the possibility of sharing multimedia content in the form of a post to be seen by our friends or contacts known as WeChat Moments and it has a payment system through mobile called WeChat Pay

Wechat is crowned as one of the most complete applications as a social network , having everything the average user needs to develop socially while performing certain work tasks more effectively

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  1. Procedure to hide your phone number
  2. How can the WeChat password be changed?
  3. What privacy options can be customized?
    1. Friend confirmation
    2. Block list
    3. Search mobile contacts
    4. User moments
  4. How to unlink a phone from Wechat?

Procedure to hide your phone number

Privacy and security on our phones is one of the aspects most valued by people when using these types of applications, if we want to prevent our contacts from seeing our phone number to prevent any type of inconvenience, we just have to follow the Next steps:

First, you need to open the WeChat app and log in. Then, you have to go to the “Me” tab and select “Settings”. Finally, select the privacy option and then deactivate “Search by phone number”.

How can the WeChat password be changed?

If they are people who are interested in their security and maintain different passwords for each account that can be created in different services, you may at some point suffer a moment of forgetfulness and do not remember your password.

Luckily, with WeChat we can recover our password with the following steps. First, you need to open WeChat. Then, you must select “I forgot my password”, where the security center window will be displayed

Then you have to select ” Unlock account or feature” . And, finally, we just have to follow all the instructions that the application will give us with which we will finally obtain our new password

What privacy options can be customized?

As we mentioned before, privacy is one of the fundamental aspects when using a social network and WeChat offers us quite customizable options to take care of this aspect, as long as we can have the WeChat application , with:

Friend confirmation

We can prevent anyone from being able to access our content as friends by activating the friend confirmation option, which is activated as follows:

Open WeChat and select ” Me”. Then select “settings” and then go to Privacy in the menu and, finally, activate the friend confirmation .

Block list

Undesirable people may arise that we want to eliminate from our network and prevent them from seeing our content, for this we can enter them on our block list through the following steps:

Open WeChat and locate Contacts . Select the person to block and go to their profile. Finally, select the three-dot menu icon and select ” Lock . 

Search mobile contacts

There are several methods to find new contacts in WeChat, a popular one is the shake method , in which we shake the mobile and the application looks for other people who are doing this and want to talk.

We can also activate the Close people function , which will show us all the close people who have this option activated and who will be able to see us.

User moments

As well as the case of blocking, there may also be people who do not want to block, but who do not want them to see our moments, for this we apply the following:

Open WeChat and select “me”. Then you have to select settings and then go to ” Privacy in the menu” . We go to moments and in Time Capsule press “hide messages”. Finally, we  press the “+” icon and proceed to place who we do not want to see our moments

How to unlink a phone from Wechat?

When we need to change the number on our personal phone and we want to adjust it to our WeChat, the application offers us an option to unlink the old number , as follows:

Open WeChat. Select the Me tab and go to Settings. Select Account Security. Go to Telephone. Find the option Change mobile.

Within this option we will select our current phone number and proceed to replace it with the new one. Finally, we must press Ok and enter the verification code to enjoy our new linked number

The level of interaction and possibility that WeChat offers goes beyond what we know today in other social networks, offering the possibility of interacting with other people more easily, so it does not hurt to give it a try and install this new application

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