How to hide location in MapCrunch

In the year of 2012, during the month of February, several users of the popular forum 4chan published the game “MapCrunch”. This consists of a challenge, in which a player appears in an unknown place where he had to find a way, with the help of Google Maps directions , to reach the nearest airport.

This game method was popularized in other media such as Tumblr where more users joined the interesting exploration and escape experience offered by this didactic.

With the increase in popularity, other game modes were created that offered different difficulty options, where the simple version allows you to start in your country of origin and have the location settings.

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  1. What is the stealth mode of the game?
  2. Procedure to disable location information
  3. What are the difficulty modes in MapCrunch?
    1. Wussy mode
    2. Informal
    3. Explorer
    4. Adventurous
  4. What are playstyles?
    1. Easy
    2. Normal
    3. Hardcore
    4. Legendary

What is the stealth mode of the game?

One of the proposed modes is stealth mode, this mode developed by the community consists of hiding the information of our starting point .

This gives a new meaning to the term of challenge, since the game will place us in some random place in the world and it will be our challenge to reach the nearest airport to escape, even with the help of interactive 3D maps of Google Maps to have more chances of winning.

Procedure to disable location information

For those who want to try stealth mode, they should follow the steps below to deactivate the information about their location:

Click the Options button at the top left of the MapCrunch page. The Options window will appear on the left side of the screen. Check the box next to the word Stealth . And ready!

What are the difficulty modes in MapCrunch?

It should be noted that, if you do not want to try the standard mode or the stealth mode, MapCrunch has a much more variety of modes, in which we will have to test our visual perception and sense of orientation to bring them to their maximum capacity within the system. of augmented reality of Google Maps , which are:

Wussy mode

In this game mode we will have the option to play in our country of origin, with the exception that we will be located in a city environment which can be located anywhere in the country , for this we will only have to locate the check box “Only Urban “and mark it.


In this case we will only select our country and start the game, so we can take it as another of the basic modes of the game.


This game mode is one of the most recommended by users , since it combines elements of the Wussy mode developing in an urban environment, where we will have to activate the stealth mode, which will transport us to any part of the world, adding that exciting touch to exploration with a bit of intrigue.


For this case we have a friendlier version of stealth mode, since, although this option will be checked, we will select our country and proceed to start the game, so we will be transported to a random location in our country without the possibility of knowing the location rather than our knowledge.

What are playstyles?

In addition to these different game modes, we can also have difficulty levels that will completely change the gaming experience.

This difficulty is expressed in the form of rules which have been imposed by the community itself. They are divided into:


Your mission will be to find an airport or a sea port , with which you can escape the area and return home


It is the difficulty most recommended by players in general, the key objective in this case is to find the closest airport to get back home


At this point, the users decided to increase the difficulty a bit, since it will not be enough to find an airport, since the condition is to get to our house through 2 flights , making it necessary to find a second airport.


At this point we reach the maximum level of difficulty, which consists of a simple condition, we will no longer have any means of transport available, airports or seaports cannot be used, we must walk all the way home .

In this way, Mapcrunch is the living representation that simple ideas can result in fun experiences suitable for any user, it just does a little creativity and a community of users with whom to share experiences.

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