How to hide your phone number in Telegram

We cannot hide that one of the direct communication platform that has grown the most in recent years is undoubtedly Telegram. Which allows its users to contact their friends through calls, messages and you can even share images and gifs from your mobile . But it still offers other functions like hiding your phone number easily .

And it is precisely due to the privacy options offered by this platform that many users have migrated to it. Since other popular messaging such as WhatsApp lack features that keep your privacy one hundred percent safe. But how safe is it to use this direct messaging application like Telegram on a daily basis? We’ll see.

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  1. Is it safe to use the Telegram application?
  2. Procedure to hide your phone number
    1. On Android
    2. From iOS
  3. What to do if you have a new number?
  4. How can I log out of Telegram?
  5. Where can the account be deleted and what does it entail?

Is it safe to use the Telegram application?

There are many detractors who oppose Telegram’s growing reputation for protecting your privacy and personal data. Until now, there are important studies that indicate that the famous messaging platform shows serious security deficiencies , and especially in the encryption of messages, which is known to hackers.

But the truth is that Telegram is so convinced of the security of its protocol that it came to offer a reward in dollars if someone was able to break this encryption. And in this way, the platform brings together more than 100 million users, who use its free services in addition to its various options to communicate them safely.

Procedure to hide your phone number

If you are a user who for various reasons you want your phone number not to be shown to your interlocutor, you can follow these simple steps that we will indicate below. As the Telegram platform can be downloaded and installed on any mobile device or PC , here we will indicate what you should do to hide your phone number on Android and iOS.

On Android

From your mobile device enter the Telegram App, once there go to the upper right corner and locate the icon with three horizontal lines . The next step is to click on the icon to display the options menu. In our case we will select the option ‘Settings’ you will be taken to a new window with several sections and we will select ‘Privacy and security’.

In the new options you must choose the option ‘Phone number’ and now in the section ‘Who can see my phone number’. You must select the option ‘Nobody’. That way no one will have access to your phone number. Now it will be convenient that in the option ‘Who can find me by my phone number’ you must select the option ‘My contacts’.

From iOS

On devices that run on the iOS operating system, we will perform very similar steps as on Android. To begin we will enter the Telegram application. The next step will consist of clicking on the icon with three horizontal lines to access the platform menu and select Settings.

This action will direct us to another window and in it we will click on the option ‘Privacy and security’ , here now choose the option ‘Telephone number’. Locate the option ‘Who can see my phone number’ and choose the option ‘Nobody’. Then to finish, locate the option ‘Who can find me by my number’, choose the option ‘My contacts’.

What to do if you have a new number?

When you create a Telegram account from your mobile, all our information is registered in it, therefore if you now have a new number. You can change this information in a very simple and uncomplicated way. To start, the first thing we must do is enter the Telegram App and click on the icon with three horizontal lines.

In the menu that is displayed we select the option ‘Settings’ in the next window we will look for the ‘Information’ section and click on our phone number . The application will show us a message with the actions to be carried out.

And in our case we must click on the option ‘Change number’ then select ‘Ok’, at this time we will be asked to enter the new phone number. You will now receive a confirmation code which you must enter. The new phone number will be detected and all the content that was in the old number, chat, messages, etc. will be exported.

How can I log out of Telegram?

Being able to close Telegram from any device, be it this mobile or from your Windows or Mac personal computer, can be a very simple procedure and you will proceed in a similar way, the first thing you should do is enter Telegram either the desktop version or the app from your mobile, then go to the right side of your screen and select the three-line icon.

This action will display a menu on the screen and from which we must select ‘Settings’, you will be taken to a new window where you can see your profile picture and your name . Here you will find another icon with three dots, press it and a new menu will be displayed. In it you will get the option ‘Close session’ and then confirm your request for your account to be closed.

Where can the account be deleted and what does it entail?

Telegram offers its users an option where they can delete their account at any time or you can choose a period of time for the account to be deleted. This is in the event that you stop using your account, but it is important that you know that you can recover your account whenever you want by downloading the App again and creating a new account.

In order to delete your account in Telegram you must do the following, first go to the following web address The next step will be to enter your phone number, do not forget to enter your country code. You will then receive a confirmation code which you must write in the specified field.

The last step to perform is to scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the option ‘Delete My Account’ select it and your account will be deleted. In the event that you do not want to delete your account immediately and what you want is to schedule the deletion, you can do the following:

  1. Enter the Telegram application from your personal computer or from your smartphone.
  2. Select the three-dot icon on the right sideof your screen to display the platform options menu.
  3. In this menu you must choose the option ‘Settings’.
  4. Now you must select the ‘ Privacy and security‘ section.
  5. Finally, search and select the option ‘Delete my account’.


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