How to hide Wind number

Do you have a WINDTRE SIM and you have to make a fairly important phone call, but you have no intention of letting the person on the other side of the handset know your mobile number? If so, do not worry:  hiding the Wind number is possible and it is also a very simple operation to perform.

In fact, just like this can be done with other telephone operators, even those who use WINDTRE can easily hide their telephone number and thus avoid making it visible. Furthermore, as I have already mentioned to you, in order to succeed in the enterprise it is absolutely not necessary to be super experts in terms of technology or to have to carry out complicated steps. The procedure to be implemented is practically within everyone’s reach.

So, if it is really your intention to deepen the discussion, I invite you to give yourself a few minutes of free time and read what is reported below. You will see that in the end you will agree with me that it was really child’s play and you will certainly be ready to provide any explanations to your friends who are also interested in the matter.


  • Preliminary information
  • How to hide WINDTRE mobile number
    • Code
    • Android settings
    • IPhone Settings
  • How to hide fixed number WIND

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of the guide, going to explain what needs to be done in order to hide the Wind number , it seems only right to provide you with some preliminary information about it.

To begin with, keep in mind that the function that allows you to hide your telephone number can be implemented completely free of charge , not only with WINDTRE, but also with any other operator. Furthermore, the procedure is valid for any telephone operator  (as well as “from”, therefore not only with WINDTRE), both for the mobile line and for the fixed line .

However, you must know that  anonymity is not always guaranteed : through some solutions (for example the Whooming service  ) it is in fact possible to find out the real numbering of those who call with the private individual in a fairly simple way, as I explained to you in detail in my dedicated guide. specifically how to find out the private number .

Also know that, should it prove necessary, both the telephone operators and the authorities have no difficulty in identifying the real number of calls with the private individual. Consequently, I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity only and exclusively for lawful purposes, which may be to protect your privacy, in order to avoid running into legal or criminal problems.

Also consider that there are some applications, such as the ones I reported to you in my review on apps to block calls , which allow you to automatically block all calls received from private or unknown numbers. It is possible to realize if the person you are trying to call uses such solutions, as in contacting the reference user the line drops continuously or is perpetually busy.

How to hide WINDTRE mobile number

Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally get to the heart of the guide and find out how to hide the WINDTRE mobile number . I anticipate that you can do this by using a special code that works on all devices or by setting the settings of your Android smartphone or iPhone . For all the details of the case, read on.


If you want to hide the number Wind for a single call, so that who’s on the other hand appears on the phone display the word unknown , Private Number , Unknown Number or Private Number , all you need to do is take advantage of a special code , working on any brand and model of smartphone.

So, grab your phone, unlock it (if necessary), access the home screen and / or the one where all the applications are grouped, touch the Phone app  icon (usually it is the one marked with a  telephone handset ) and then the icon to access the numeric keypad (usually the one with the keypad ).

In the new screen that you now see, type the telephone number of the contact you want to call anonymously, preceded by the string # 31 # (eg # 31 # 1234567890 if you want to call the number 1234567890 ). Then, start the call normally by pressing the key to make a call (usually the one with the handset off-hook icon ).

Keep in mind that the string to hide the number must be entered every time you want to make a call anonymously. Otherwise, the call will be clear and your phone number will then be visible to the recipient.

Android settings

If you have to make more calls for which you want to hide the Wind number, you can consider putting your hand to the device settings. How you do it? I’ll explain it to you right away, it’s very simple.

First, grab your smartphone and unlock it (if necessary), then access the home screen and / or drawer and open the dialer (it is the dialing screen), selecting the Phone app icon (usually is the one with the telephone handset), then the one with the numeric keypad .

Then, tap on the button with the three dots and, in the menu that opens, touch the Settings item . In the screen that appears, press on the Calls and Other settings items , tap on the Caller ID option and select the wording Hide number .

If you have to think again, you can disable the option to call anonymously with WINDTRE by reaching the Android sections mentioned above again and turning the lever next to the appropriate item to OFF .

Keep in mind that some of the indications for calling with a private number that I have given you a moment ago regarding the items in the Android settings may differ slightly from what you see, depending on the brand and model of smartphone in your possession and depending on the version of the operating system you are using.

IPhone Settings

If, on the other hand, you are using an iPhone and you want to find out how to hide the Wind number in this case, the instructions you must follow are the ones you find in this step.

First of all, grab the “iPhone, unlock it (if necessary) and access the home screen and / or the App Library, then you have to press the Settings icon   (the one in the shape of a gear wheel ).

In the screen that at this point is shown to you, select the Telephone item , then tap on the wording  Show Caller ID  and move the lever relating to the Show ID item to OFF .

In case of second thoughts, simply access the iOS settings section above again and turn the lever next to the item to OFF to show the caller ID.

How to hide fixed number WIND

Are you a WINDTRE customer at home and, therefore, would you like to understand how to hide a WIND landline number ? No problem, I can explain this too. Even in this case, you can take advantage of a special code . Works on any brand and model of telephone set!

All you have to do is pick up the telephone handset and dial the code * 67 # on the keypad followed by the telephone number to call (e.g. * 67 # 1234567890 if you want to call the number 1234567890 ), then wait for the call to start as usual or press the key to start it yourself (if necessary).

Remember that you have to enter the string to hide the number every time you want to make a call with the private. If you don’t, the call will be clear and your phone number will be visible to the recipient.

If, on the other hand, you have come across this guide because what you are interested in is hiding your WINDTRE landline number, but not when you make a phone call but from the telephone directories , I invite you to explicitly request this from the operator’s customer service, which you can contact by following the instructions on what to do in my specific guide on what to do .

If you want to hide your number from the lists that telemarketing companies use to propose their offers, you can contact the Public Register of Oppositions, a free service sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development that allows citizens to remove their number from the lists used. by telemarketing operators. For more details on this, see my specific tutorial on how not to receive advertising calls .

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