How to hide the sound icon in PowerPoint fast and easy?

Many times it is necessary to hide the sound icon in PowerPoint , especially when we make presentations for our work where professionalism is very important. You should keep in mind that this is a simple process, but it really takes a little time to learn how to do it, so here are the steps.

What should you do to hide the sound icon in PowerPoint?

Well, to hide it, first, you must know how to place it, therefore, we will briefly explain the process. First of all, the audio must be on your computer, so that you can easily select the file.

Then, enter  PowerPoint  from the presentation that will carry the audio, you must go directly to the slide where you want it to be heard. Now, go to the “Insert” tab, there, you must look for the speaker symbol that says “Multimedia” and click on it.

The next thing is to select “Audio” and click on ” From my PC “, after that, the Windows file explorer will open. It only remains to locate the audio that you want to play during the presentation, remember that you can place several.

Now comes the part to solve the question that brings us together, to hide the sound icon in PowerPoint you must click on “Audio Options “. This will display a menu where you should find the option ” Hide during presentation”.

Once this box is checked, the speaker symbol that appears during the presentation will no longer be there, just configure the audio. This should be done by determining whether the audio starts by changing the slide or by using a specific key.

With all this done, you will have a great quality slide with excellent audio that can help you improve your presentation. Remember to handle audios according to your presentation and not to put unnecessary information, thus, you keep the listener entertained and interested in what you are talking about.

Why hide the sound icon in PowerPoint?

The most important thing in a presentation is the visual, therefore, the simple fact that there is an icon in the middle of the slide is already a disaster. That is why it is necessary to eliminate any detail that may damage the appearance of the presentation.

This icon becomes useless, especially when the audio is reproduced alone, something that would then deconcentrate the listener, so it must be removed. Additionally, you need to consider that any foreign symbol on the slide will make it look bad.

This symbol is usually located in the center and generally occupies a good amount of space, therefore, it is essential to eliminate it. The simplest way is the one we have already taught you, use it in any presentation.

What are PowerPoint audios for?

There are many reasons why using audios with your presentations, depending on the occasion, can be a plus . Presentations are not only made for work or school, many use them for other purposes. In the same way, you can also remove the sounds or audios from your presentations, if you wish.

For example, some create presentations to promote or to give a detail like a birthday present, so music can be great. This plugin has brought a bit more life to many presentations, as has the drawing toolbar.

They are also useful for giving personalized explanations, that is, if a presentation is recorded, explanations can be given in a more personal way. In addition, the idea of ​​appending the audio helps the listener to repeat it as many times as they want, thus, the understanding will be more personal and without haste

Many sites, such as restaurants, use audio looping presentations, animate characters or animate text to display their menus, something that attracts a lot of consumer attention. Hiding the sound icon in PowerPoint gives you the option that this symbol is not visible and the presentation works correctly and without problems.


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