How to run a PowerPoint presentation in a continuous cycle?

Using a PowerPoint presentation in a continuous cycle has become popular over the years, a simple advertising strategy. This process is really easy and can be done without having great knowledge, we explain the easiest way to do it below.

How to create a PowerPoint presentation in a continuous cycle?

Creating a slide in PowerPoint can become a bit tedious if not done in time, so we recommend doing this early. To loop, what you need is to have a preformed slide.

To begin, enter “PowerPoint” preferably with the presentation to which you want to apply the loop, to make it easier. The first thing you should do is place transitions on your slides, we will quickly explain how to do it.

Go to the “Transitions” tab and go to the first slide of the presentation, select the type of transition and set the time of the slide. Once this is done, you must click on the “Apply to all” button, in this way, all the slides will have a time and transition.

In case you don’t want all of them to have transitions, you can simply adjust the timing, which is necessary for the loop. Without a passing time for the slides the cycle will not work properly, it will be left on a single slide.

After having done this, all that remains is to set the loop, to do this, go to the ” Slide Show ” tab , there, click “Configure”. Now, select ” Slide show settings “, done this, a text box will be displayed, check the box ” Repeat the cycle until pressing ” Esc “”.

With this option activated, once you start the presentation, it will be repeated until you decide to remove it by pressing the “Esc” key It only remains that you save the configuration and voila, test the cycle to confirm that it has worked.

Why is a PowerPoint presentation necessary in a continuous cycle?

The easiest way to explain the usefulness of this type of presentation is in its use in presentations for restaurants or large presentations. You need to keep in mind that these are not usually live presentations, so some people add animations in texts or that the text appears and disappears to make it more attractive to people.

Likewise, these presentations are very useful also in restaurants, where the presentation of their menus or available dishes is easier. The presentation in a loop means that it is not necessary to renew it every time it finishes, something that avoids a lot of inconvenience for the client.

On the other hand, many people often use this type of presentation to show elements of their projects in exhibitions . Thus, they are repeated during the exhibition of the project, being something very useful for listeners to understand what is explained.

Keep in mind that using the loop is highly intentional, so running a PowerPoint presentation in a continuous loop is personal. Also, you need to keep in mind that things can be very appropriate to the situation, a party, a dinner, a special moment, for many things.

Some tips for a PowerPoint presentation in a continuous cycle

To improve your presentation, you need to keep in mind that you have to take care of each of the elements. Transition times are vital for the presentation to be done correctly.

You must take good care that each slide has enough time to make its transition and show the animations of the elements that compose it. This way you avoid that the elements are run over and that those who are seeing the presentation do not read the elements well.

Finally, consider that the cycle will be repetitive, therefore, avoid placing the same image or the same text several times . Thus, the elements of each of the slides will not confuse those who see them, making them easy to follow. You can also remove the audios or sounds from the presentations if the situation warrants it, or if you have audio, hide the sound icon so that your presentation has a better aesthetic.


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