How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone

Today we are going to teach you,How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone.The iPhone is the main computer of millions of people. As such, many users are concerned with maintaining the privacy and security of their conversations.

Why You Need To Hide Text Messages on iPhone

How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone

  • f you are planning something important with a friend or relative, for someone in your family who has a bad habit of being very aware of your iPhone and who of course cannot find out what you are planning
  • In the event that you go to a family or friends gathering and you are going to leave your device on the table in view of everyone
  • Simply for privacy and so that no one can read the messages they send you or even who they send them, who cares if your mother, your girlfriend or someone else sends you a text message?

These are just three cases in which you might need to hide your messages, but there are many more situations, of all kinds, that are very likely to arise in your day-to-day life.

How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone/5 Ways

At least in recent versions of iOS (at least iOS 11 and above), the privacy of text messages has improved a lot. Now, you are shown a text message preview, but you can’t actually see it until you unlock the phone, either through Face ID or Touch ID.

Instead, your preview appears on your phone as “Text Message” or “iMessage,” rather than actually showing you the content of the message. With that said, there are still a few things you can do to keep text messages hidden in other ways.

Disable lock screen message preview

Because Apple wants to make your life easier, they have made it so that a pop-up window will appear on the lock screen every time you receive a text message, showing an excerpt and allowing you to send a quick reply by sliding your finger to the left in the excerpt. Obvious as this feature is, it represents a huge privacy risk.

Fortunately, you can easily disable it from the Settings menu:

  1. Open the Settingsapp and go to Notifications and then Messages.
  2. Scroll down and find the Includesection .
  3. The Include section contains the Show Previewoption . By default, this option is enabled. Click on it to turn it OFF .
  4. Ask someone to text you, lock your iPhone, and verify that the text message preview feature has been disabled.

If you ever decide that you want to enable it again, all you need to do is turn on the Show preview option. And as we mentioned earlier, if you are running iOS 11 or higher, this feature is now enabled by default.

Turn off message notification on the lock screen

Turning off text message preview is a great first step, but you can protect your privacy even more by turning off text message notification entirely:

  1. Open the settings app and go to Notificationsand then Messages .
  2. Locate the Show on lock screenoption and click on it to turn it off.
  3. While you’re at it, you can also disable the Badge Appicon option .
    • Disabling the badge app icon option removes the little badge showing the number of unread text messages from the Messages app icon.

How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone With Apps


Apple does not provide a native option to hide text messages within the Messages app. However, there is a useful Cydia tweak called HiddenConvos , which allows you to hide any conversation in the Messages app with just a swipe and tap.

  1. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can simply launch Cydiaand install the HiddenConvos tweak .
  2. With the setting installed, open Messagesand swipe left on any conversation you want. A new Hide button will appear next to the Delete button .
  3. Touch it and the conversation will disappear without being deleted.
  4. To show it, just hit Editand then Show

Other applications to hide text messages

We understand that not everyone has a jailbroken iPhone. As convenient as simple Cydia settings like HiddenConvos, it can enhance your privacy even with regular apps from the App Store.

  1. CoverMe

CoverMe is a complete privacy solution that includes private text messages and calls protected by military-grade encryption algorithms, private file sharing, self-destructing messages, and a feature called Private Vault, which is essentially an impenetrable vault for your documents, files. and personal data.

CoverMe also has useful access control settings that can help you protect your phone from intruders and thieves. The app is available for free, but most features require an in-app purchase to be unlocked and some cost a certain amount of credits, which are also available as an in-app purchase.

  1. iDiscrete

iDiscrete is one of the most comprehensive privacy apps on the App Store. Essentially, iDiscrete is a secure storage box where you can put all the content that you want to keep private. This can include anything from videos to images and texts.

What separates iDiscrete from other similar applications is its proprietary Touch Sequence Protection security mechanism. When an unauthorized person opens the app, a fake loading screen appears. Only the owner of the device knows that the application is actually waiting for a password, which can be entered by tapping in the correct places.

  1. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is an end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform for teams and businesses. It allows you to safely delete all messages, videos and images from your device, send self-destructing messages, remove metadata from multimedia content, send encrypted messages to other Wickr Me users, and create groups of up to 10 group members for highly team collaboration. safe.

Apps to hide text message verdicts

As you can see, there are many great ways to hide your text messages. If you need to hide text messages within your texting app, one of the three apps above is ideal.

However, if you just want to hide that text message excerpt that appears in your notification panel, that is easily disabled. And as we mentioned, some versions of iOS, iOS 11 and later, even have it enabled by default.

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