How to give a Kindle book as a gift

Giving a book has always been a gesture of affection particularly appreciated by those who receive them. It is a perfect gift for any occasion, because reading is always associated with positive sensations of relaxation and well-being. In the era of electronic commerce, this wonderful custom is also constantly adapting to the transition to digital technologies, and consequently today it is also possible to give an eBook as a gift .

And who could have thought, if not Amazon , to integrate this possibility within its own virtual showcase? For some time now, in fact, when buying a digital book on the famous marketplace, it is possible to send a copy to another person with a few simple clicks.

How do you say? It seems an original idea to you, would you like to make a thought of this kind to a loved one, but you are afraid of missing some steps and not succeeding in your intent? There is absolutely no need to be alarmed: I have prepared this guide specifically to show you, step by step, how to give a Kindle book on Amazon as a gift . If you give me a few minutes of your precious time, you will see that you will easily be able to complete the task and make a pleasant surprise to whoever you are thinking about.


  • Preliminary information
  • How to give a Kindle book as a gift

o                                                        From computer

o                                                        From app

  • How to read a Kindle book
  • How to use Amazon coupons

Preliminary information

Many do not know that Amazon started its own business as one of the first online bookstores . It has come a long way since then and, today, the company has become a marketplace with a mammoth turnover, in which it is possible to buy any type of product. The books, however, continue to be one of the flagship products of the famous brand, which has invested a lot of energy in particular in the development of eBooks, coming to design different types of devices to allow easy reading: the Kindles , in fact.

The latter, in fact, are equipped with a particular technology, called e-ink , which allows you to recreate a reading experience very similar to that of paper. Various models are available, suitable for all user groups.


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The spread of this new reading trend is becoming more and more impressive, and for almost every new book that is published in paper version there is a digital copy. Amazon has undoubtedly contributed a lot in this sense, also creating a special very convenient subscription, the Kindle Unlimited (of which you can find an extensive explanation in my dedicated guide ), to further stimulate the use by an ever-growing audience of users. .

And it does not end there, because the books from the Kindle Store – including those that can be given as gifts – are also accessible from the Kindle application for PC , Android and iOS / iPadOS and from the Kindle Cloud Reader accessible from a browser, keeping reading progress synchronized on all devices.

How to give a Kindle book as a gift

One of Amazon’s most recent and interesting initiatives led to the integration, when purchasing an eBook, of a particular feature that allows you to send the digital copy to another person, simply by specifying their e-mail address. But where exactly is this functionality located? Know that it is absolutely not difficult to identify: below I will show you each step to understand exactly how to give a Kindle book as a gift , both from your computer and from the app.

From computer

If you intend to proceed from your computer , first connect to the Amazon main page and authenticate: enter your e-mail address or mobile number , then click on the Continue button and, on the next page, enter the password and click on the Sign in button . How do you say? Don’t have an account yet? No problem: read my guide on how to register with Amazon and, in no time, you will have completed this operation too.

You are now on the main page of the Amazon store. Click on the All Categories button (top left of the search bar), to load the drop-down menu. Scroll through the various items to locate the Kindle Store category and click on it. Then, type the title of the book or the name of the author you are interested in in the search bar : if you are still strongly undecided, you can leave the field blank and click directly on the button with the magnifying glass , to enter the library department of this huge online store and consult the various sections in search of the right idea.

From this page you can easily search for what you need, using the left menu and clicking, for example, on the genre you consider most suitable, such as Literature and Fiction or Mysteries and Thrillers , present in the Kindle eBooks section by category , or Bestsellers , under the heading Featured , just to name a few examples.

Once you’ve found the perfect digital book (it’s never easy when it comes to a gift!), Click on the title or cover image to open a product detail view. In the central part you could see more types of editions: click, then, on Kindle Format , to select the eBook version. There are several panes in the right column. The first, the one at the top, shows the price and the button to purchase the product to download on your device.

In the box below you will find, instead, the possibility of giving the Kindle book as a gift , under Buy for others . The mechanism is very simple: click on the Quantity button , then click on the number of copies you want to buy: you may want to give the same product to more people, and in this way it will not be necessary to repeat the operation. Now click on the Continue button , and you will access a screen where you can define some essential information.

In the To: field , enter the email addresses of the people you want to give the digital book to. If you have selected multiple copies, you will be able to type multiple addresses accordingly. If you do not enter anything, you will receive an e-mail in the mailbox with which you registered with Amazon, where you will find the links to redeem the eBooks . You will therefore arrange to send them independently at a later time. In the next From: field you can type your name. Finally, in the Message field you can optionally enter a dedication to the person (or persons) to whom you are sending the gift.

Click on the Verify & Pay Now button to complete the transaction. Please note: some eBooks can only be redeemed by recipients in Italy : you will find any indication in a specific information above the aforementioned button. Please note that any unredeemed copies can be refunded by the buyer within 60 days . Additionally, you can manage unused link links at any time from the Amazon menu My Account> My Orders ›Manage eBooks .

From app

Gifting a Kindle eBook from the Amazon Shopping app is just as simple. I remind you that the latter is available both for Android devices (check its presence also on the alternative stores if you do not have the Google store) and iPhone / iPad ; however, the purchase of eBooks is not permitted on iPhones and iPads (neither for themselves nor for others). This means that if you have an Apple mobile device, you must proceed from the Amazon site , as I explained to you in the previous chapter .

That said, if you have an Android terminal , start the Amazon app , tap the ☰ button and choose the item Choose by category from the menu of the scrolling panel that appears. In the new menu that is proposed to you, swipe up to the Kindle Store item (you may have to press on the View all item to make it appear), then tap on it. From this screen you can search for the book by tapping on the magnifying glass icon and typing the name of the book, author or topic you are interested in.

Once you have identified the item to give as a gift, tap on the item to open the product detail. At the bottom you will see the Buy for others box : tap on the box below, under Quantity , to choose the number of copies you want to give away (by default it is set to 1). Tap Continue to proceed: you are in the final screen, where you can complete the purchase.

Note the presence of the Send Options section . If you want to add the recipients ‘ e-mail address , tap on the box below, and a new screen will open. Tap the To: field to enter the e-mail addresses, then tap From: if you want to change your sender name. Finally, click on the Message option to type in any dedication. If you do not enter anything, the link to redeem the eBook will be sent to the mailbox you used to register your Amazon account, and you can proceed independently to send it to the recipients. Tap Confirm and proceed: you will return to the previous screen, in which, to complete the operation, you simply have to tap the Check and pay now button .

How to read a Kindle book

To read the book you gave as a gift, the recipient will simply have to click on the link contained in the e-mail sent during the purchase phase through the procedure seen in the previous chapters, or that you will have sent later from your email account, if you have chosen to use this alternative mode. In this way he will be automatically redirected to an Amazon page where he will be able to redeem the digital book, by clicking on the Accept and log in button (therefore, you must have previously registered with Amazon ), or Accept this ebook if it is already authenticated.

On the next page it will be possible to choose the device on which to import the eBook by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the Send to item , then clicking on the item corresponding to the chosen mode. If the recipient has a Kindle e-reader , he will obviously be able to read the eBook by clicking from this list on his device and then clicking on the Continue button to confirm the choice . The book will automatically be imported into the Kindle digital library. If you do not have such a device, you can opt, again from this list, for the Kindle app , which must however have been previously downloaded and installed on your favorite device, and registered on your Amazon profile.

This is a free software, made available by Amazon, which you can easily find on this page , and which provides wide compatibility with Android devices (check the presence on alternative stores if your device does not have that Google), iPhone / iPad , and for computers with Windows and macOS operating systems .

To install it on a Windows PC , for example, click on the relevant Download button for PC and Mac : the download will start automatically: Double click on the KindleForPC-installer.exe file and wait for the installation. The program will start automatically at the end of the program. To continue accept the terms of use by clicking on the Yes button .

Next, you need to register the device: to do this, click on the Tools> Options menu and, in the new window, click on Registration . From this screen click on the Register button at the bottom and you will be redirected to the Amazon authentication screen, where you will need to enter your username and password , then click on the Login button .

As you will see, it is a very advanced software that allows, thanks to specific features, to scroll the page without ever losing the mark , to select the font size , to take advantage of an integrated dictionary , as well as to share phrases and quotes with other people.

If you don’t want to waste time installing the Kindle application, you can take advantage of the Kindle Cloud Reader , which includes practically the same functions and can be used directly from the browser .

How to use Amazon coupons

Another great way to gift Kindle books is to use Amazon gift vouchers , which you can view and choose from this page or physically purchase at electronics stores, supermarkets and tobacconists. For any further information on this feature, I suggest you read my dedicated guide .

The coupons, in fact, can also be redeemed from the Kindle store . Once the book has been selected, on the page to complete the purchase there is the item Enter a promotional code or Amazon Gift Certificate , at the bottom, in the right column. Click on it and a new page will open, in which you simply need to type the voucher code, then click on the Apply button .

If the Amazon voucher is in digital format , you can find the code in the email received following the purchase of the same. If, however, the Amazon is in good size card , the code is visible on the back of the card (for those purchased in physical stores is also necessary to scrape off the silver film). Finally, if you are in possession of a paper receipt for an Amazon voucher (purchased, for example, in a tobacconist’s) you can view it on the receipt itself.




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