How to get the Bilbao hotel voucher online

The Bilbao City Council has launched a pioneering campaign that seeks to stimulate consumption in the city’s hospitality industry and, at the same time, offer aid to one of the sectors that have suffered the most from the crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The project is supported by the acquisition of hospitality bonds . We tell you how to get them online .

On March 15, this campaign was launched, which is having great success and has already seen how the website created specifically for the acquisition of bonds has sometimes collapsed.

The good reception of the project does not surprise almost anyone. In addition to being an important help to hoteliers, it also implies a considerable discount for customers , who thanks to the initiative will be able to save 50% of the price of what they consume.

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Centralized on a web

But let us detail a little more about what this initiative consists of, which has been very well received by the people of Bilbao and to which, for the moment, around 25% of the city’s hospitality establishments have joined .

The entire process is managed through the web platform that the Bilbao City Council has put into operation. The user has to choose an establishment in which he wants to make his consumption. Once chosen, you have the option of buying a voucher of 10 euros or 20 euros, which will be exchanged at the place in question when you make your consumption.

And here is the main benefit for the client, since the Bilbao City Council covers 50% of the users’ payment. In other words, when a client purchases a 10-euro voucher, they will only have to pay 5 euros, since the other half is taken over by the Bilbao city council. In other words, enjoying pintxos, txakoli or whatever delicacy you like the most will be half the price.

And, of course, the establishment is also going to benefit. First, because it is an extraordinary stimulus for the presence of customers in its bars and restaurants. But also because even if the customer has not already made the consumption, the hotelier will receive the part of the amount that corresponds to the City Council, that is, 50% of the voucher.

How to get the bonus

The bond acquisition process is very simple. We tell you step by step .

  • Access the Bono Bilbao website.
  • Find the establishment where you would like to consume. For this you have a search engine that allows you to select the postal code or the district in which you want to make your consumption.
  • Once you have chosen the location, click on Buy your voucher .
  • At that moment, it will ask you to enter your name and ID .
  • After that, you will have to choose whether you want to buy a voucher of 10 euros (for which you will have to pay 5 euros) or of 20 euros (for which you will have to pay 10 euros). Once you have decided, select the option that interests you the most and click Buy .
  • To redeem the voucher at the establishment you must either print it and present it on paper or show the QR code that you will receive when you make the purchase.
  • It is important that you know that the voucher you buy can only be redeemed at the establishment for which you purchased it.
  • The maximum purchase ticket that you can redeem is four vouchers .

The truth is that the success of the campaign is being extraordinary. Each establishment may receive a maximum of 6,000 euros in vouchers to be exchanged and there are already many places and districts in which the hospitality voucher is exhausted. We will have to hope that in the coming days new establishments will join the campaign and the possibilities of those who wish to obtain a hospitality voucher will be expanded.

Without a doubt, the main motivation of this project is to help one of the sectors that has been most economically affected by the pandemic. But, on the other hand, the Bilbao hospitality voucher is also an incentive for the city’s residents to recover one of the traditions that they have surely missed the most and to once again enjoy the delights of its extraordinary gastronomy.

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