How to get Thanos in Marvel Snap

Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in history. This is reflected in Marvel Snap , where he dominates the game thanks to his great power and cool spin. That is why we are going to explain how to get Thanos in Marvel Snap and get the most out of it.

This card is considered one of the best , so unlocking it is not easy. It belongs to Series 5 (Pool 5), so you must pass collection level 486 to get it . Once you exceed it, it will be possible to get it in two ways:

  • Buy your letter in the shop for 6000 tokens.
  • Open a collector’s reserve and have it come out (0.25% chance).

The fastest way to unlock the Thanos letter in Marvel Snap

So what is the fastest way to unlock the Thanos card in the Marvel Snap? We might get him on a lucky play when opening a preorder, but buying his card for 6000 tokens is the best answer to how to get Thanos in Marvel Snap.

Since this card is so powerful, it’s worth saving tokens to get it . Let’s remember that we are talking about the most powerful card, so spending so many chips on it is worth it. Without a doubt, it is the easiest way to get Thanos in Marvel Snap.

To all this, we must add that SecondDinner, the studio responsible for Marvel Snap, affirmed that Thanos will never come down from series 5 . This implies that the price of it will not decrease and that the chances of obtaining it will not increase. And it is that a lot of series 5 cards descend to series 4 or 3 over time, making them easier to get . Unfortunately this won’t happen with Thanos, so if you want to get Thanos fast in Marvel Snap, start saving.

These are the characteristics of Thanos in Marvel Snap

You already know how to get Thanos in the Marvel Snap, but if you want to learn how to get the most out of him, you need to know his strengths and weaknesses. These are the characteristics of Thanos in the Marvel Snap .

This card has a cost of 6 and a power of 10. They are powerful figures, but what makes it a deadly card is its effect . If you have it in your deck, at the beginning of the game the 6 infinity gems will be shuffled, in such a way that you can take them out at any time. The infinity stones are Thanos’ best attribute in the Marvel Snap for the following reason.

Each of the 6 gems have a cost of 1. Also, all but one evoke individual effects, although the only one that does not evoke any effect is the most important . This is the power gem, which increases Thanos’ power by +10 if you have played all the others, including this last one.

Attributes of the Infinity Stones in Marvel Snap :

  • Mind Gem (1-1): When revealed draw two gems from your deck.
  • Reality Gem (1-1): When revealed, it transforms the location where it is used into a cave.
  • Space Gem (1-1): When revealed, it draws a card and on the next turn it allows you to move another card to that same location.
  • Soul Gem (1-1): When revealed, draw a card and continuously reduce the power of your opponent’s cards in the same location by 1 point.
  • Time Gem (1-1): When it is revealed, it draws a card and in the next turn it rewards us with 1 more point of energy.
  • Power Gem (1-3): If you have played all 6 cards, Thanos gains 10 power points continuously (he would have a total of 20 power points).

Such is the power of the villain that in the March 21 update he was nerfed : he had 1 power point subtracted (he had 11). This affects both the Android version and the iPhone version . This slight drop barely weakens him anyway, as his potential comes from gems. In summary, Thanos’ characteristics in Marvel Snap make him too powerful, although it is essential to know how to use his card.

How to play Thanos in Marvel Snap

Now that you know everything you need about this character, from the best way to get Thanos in Marvel Snap, to his characteristics, we come to the final part of the article: how to play with Thanos in Marvel Snap .

The best way to use Thanos in Marvel Snap is by surrounding him with cards that empower him . The villain of the gems will be our most powerful asset, so we will accompany him with less strong characters but with good synergy.

To do this we can launch Quinjet (1-1), which reduces the cost of the cards in our deck that do not appear at the start of the game by 1. This is one of the most efficient ways to get Thanos out . Another option is to flood the field with gems and boost them with Blue Marvel (5-3). It is also possible to combine Thanos with Lockjaw (3-2), whose effect allows us to exchange a played card with another from our deck, which will be Thanos.

The power of this colossus, together with the fact that it is escorted by the infinity gems, make it one of the most lethal characters. He’s also versatile, so the best way to use Thanos in the Marvel Snap depends on how the game unfolds . What is clear is that he is worth adding to your deck, so get Thanos in Marvel Snap to annihilate any opponent who has the audacity to face you.


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