How to Use the Multi-Snap Feature on Snapchat

Social networks advance in the world in the expected way , every day there are more innovative communication platforms that we find. These technological advances are provided by the different companies in each network.

There are multiple options when it comes to interacting through these platforms, most with similarities. But in terms of its functions and how to use it, they are totally different .

It is important to know how to manage the various networks to get the most out of them, but doing so is not complicated, we can generate many benefits with good use, from obtaining a large audience to generating money if we wish .

At present Snapchat has become one of the most viral applications because of its special features, and lots of things we can do within it, it is easy to handle and safe, allowing us maximum enjoyment of your options.

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  1. How does Snapchat work?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Snapchat?
  3. What is the use of Multi-Snap?
  4. Procedure to create your Multi-Snap
  5. How can I record long videos with the Multi-Snap function
  6. Can I do a Multi-Snap without using my hands?

How does Snapchat work?

This application has similar functions to an instant messaging application , allowing in this way to add contacts or accounts and send messages with photos or videos, either in a group or individually, likewise we can choose the time we want our message to be available.

Many accounts of recognized brands use Snapchat due to its multiple tools , since if we talk about fast applications this is one of them, we can create photos in the most efficient way possible and share it to our general public.

As we have already said, it has a chat option, totally free, it is one of the most innovative updates so far , and that we can obtain simply by updating our application , users seek the greatest comfort and Snapchat is the one chosen to obtain it.

Likewise, within its recent updates we have the video call, the application allows the possibility of seeing ourselves face to face in a virtual way with close people, a large number of effects and emojis have been added to the free platform, causing a stir in the fans of the application, becoming is one of the favorite options.

However, we must be careful when making publications that are suitable for all the public , since children, adolescents and even adults use this tool worldwide.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Snapchat?

As every application has its pros and cons, among the advantages is that there is the function of sending photos and videos that are automatically deleted in a certain time, so we should not worry about the information we share, it will be permanently deleted.

Snapchat is famous for its variety of filters to use , we can take photos with them , and share them immediately safely. Another advantage is the so-called location geofilters, basically it is to see the filters available in a certain location, that is, where we are at the moment and in this way customize them in the way we want.

One of the most notable and commented disadvantages by network users is that when a user takes a screenshot, the other person is immediately notified , although there is a trick to take screenshots without being noticed.

The application is less secure than another instant messaging application , but nevertheless it is one of the most powerful within what it fits, in the same way it allows us to upload photos or videos of adult content without filters.

What is the use of Multi-Snap?

The only way that social networks have so that they can be maintained over time and continue to enjoy the popularity they had in the past. And even more so, so that they continue to climb positions in the preference of users. It is without a doubt including new and improved features and this is precisely what Snapchat has done.

Because recently this platform has included a new function, to offer its millions of users a new way of interacting. And it is a mode for broadcasting videos, known as Multi-Snap . And that you can use from now on thanks to the latest update that the application has made and available for Android and iOS devices.

The Multi-Snap mode is intended to give users a tool that allows them to give a more interesting and innovative look to their stories. Since by using this function, 6 Snap can be recorded consecutively, which will have a duration of 10 seconds. It also offers you other tools with which you can incorporate creative decorative elements into your video sequences.

Procedure to create your Multi-Snap

Without a doubt one of the best Snapchat functions and everyone’s favorite is multi-snap, if we don’t want to post one photo or video, but two, this is the solution.

To perform this function is extremely simple , we only have to first enter the main screen of the application, if we do not have it, we can easily download it, and log in to the application . Then, in the camera option, we press and hold the capture button to create a new video.


Followed by this, we must not release the pressed button until several Snaps are recorded, when we have finished our Snaps will be reflected at the bottom of the screen, we choose the ones we want and the rest we delete . And voila, we edit our snap to our preference and all the effects will be applied to the snaps equally.

As you can see, the Multi-Snap feature on Snapchat is very easy to use . So you no longer have excuses not to enjoy this new tool.

How can I record long videos with the Multi-Snap function

Although we already mentioned that by using the Multi-Snap function or mode you can make up to 6 short videos of 10 seconds. But this app has taught us that there are no restrictions when it comes to using any of its great tools. Therefore, if you feel limited by the time to record your Snap sequences, we can tell you that there is a trick to extend it for more than 10 seconds .

It is very simple and easy and you will not be too complicated to carry out this procedure, therefore if you want to record a long video with the Multi-Snap function . You just have to do the following, press the record video button and keep it pressed. When the time is up, that is, the 10 seconds are up, the next recording will continue continuously.

This until the 6 Snap that the function allows are met, in this way you will have a video of 60 seconds and without interruptions. Also remember that you can alter the order of the Snap or 10-second video sequences . The limit is your imagination and Snapchat bets on this with all the functions that it has recently included in its platform.

Can I do a Multi-Snap without using my hands?

Snapchat is still a platform that always seeks to surprise us and includes other functions in its functions that simply make our lives simpler. And this is the case of the Multi-Snap mode which allows you to make or record several video sequences without having to use your hands , it is simply incredible.

So to carry out this ingenious, but simple function, you just have to click on the gesture you have created. This action will automatically activate the button to press to record on the screen, what you must do now is drag it to the button that is in the center of the App and voila so you can record without holding down or using your hands.


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