How to update a new Pokémon Snap

The new Pokémon Snap has just received its first major update since its launch in April of this year. By adding new areas and Pokémon to the mix, the update is pretty substantial and worth starting the game. In this guide we will explain how to update New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch , so that you can explore these new areas.

New Pokémon Snap update

To update New Pokemon Snap, all you need to do is select it on the home screen of your Nintendo Switch. This should open a screen, provided you have an internet connection, indicating that there is a new title update and showing you the percentage of the download progress.

If that doesn’t happen automatically, select New Pokémon Snap on your home screen, then press the + button on your right Joy-Con. Now go to “Software update” and choose the option “Check for updates” or “Download update”.

This should start the download process, which when complete will provide you with all the new content, which has been broken down for you below.

What’s included in the August 2021 update?

The latest and biggest update so far for New Pokemon Snap adds three new areas: Secret Side Path, Mightywide River, and Barren Badlands, containing 20 new Pokemon between them.

On top of that, additional search titles, profile icons, photo filters, stickers, and frames have been added, allowing you to add personal touches to your favorite photos.

Finally, other players’ photo search options have been changed and a number of other issues have been addressed to improve the overall gaming experience.

That’s everything you need to know about the New Pokemon Snap update. For more tips, tricks, and guides, check out our wiki or check out more of our coverage of the game below.

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