How to get pirate coins in Lost Ark

The best methods to get pirate coins in the Lost Ark video game, the premium currency with which to acquire all kinds of rewards and items

Let ‘s see how to get pirate coins in Lost Ark , the successful PC video game from Amazon Game Studios that mixes genres such as action RPG and MMO , and whose most precious currency is the pirate, the game’s premium currency with which to obtain great rewards. and all kinds of useful objects for our adventure, an essential element in the naval aspect of the game. Do not miss the best methods to get pirate coins in Lost Ark .

Lost Ark: how to get and spend pirate coins

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·         How to get pirate coins in Lost Ark

·         How to spend pirate coins in Lost Ark

How to get pirate coins in Lost Ark

Thanks to the Lost Ark pirate coins, we will be able to obtain endless objects that will be key to our adventure, especially when buying objects from the various merchants that we will find in the game. Next we are going to detail the best methods to get pirate coins in Lost Ark.

Thus, once you unlock the Lost Ark naval transport , you will have access to pirate currency, useful to buy improvements for our ship and its crew . Follow the tips below to get as many pirate coins as possible in Lost Ark.

  • Participate in Sea Events– Sea Events are a great source of Pirate Coins, which you will receive for completing them. To do this, check the timer panel while navigating through the voyage tab to access marine events.
  • Defeat Ghost Ships– If you fight and defeat ghost ships you will receive great rewards including pirate coins.
  • Complete Una’s Tasks– Completing all eight daily Una’s tasks, as well as the weekly ones, will reward you with a large amount of Pirate Coins.
  • Complete the Procyon Compass Islands– These are quests that spawn during the Procyon Compass Limited Time Events, rewarding large amounts of Pirate Coins.
  • Go Fishing– While fishing activities don’t net you huge amounts of Pirate Coins, going out fishing often can net you a hefty handful of extra coins.
  • Trade Coins– The last method of getting Pirate Coins is through trading different types of Lost Ark currency that you have in your inventory for the equivalent amount of Pirate Coins.
  • Complete Borgion Quests– A very easy (although only valid once) method of earning up to 15,000 Pirate Coins is by completing Borgion Quests at the Liberty Island Tavern. You will only have to talk to Borgion inside the Tavern and complete the three tasks that he offers you, very simple and affordable. The award? A succulent booty totaling 15,000 pirate coins.

How to spend pirate coins in Lost Ark

Once you’ve got a decent amount of pirate coins, you can spend them on different types of items, upgrades, and rewards related to the naval side of the Lost Ark. To do this you will have to find the different merchant ships that sail the seas of the world of Lost Ark.

There are dozens and dozens of items and materials to buy with pirate coins; when you come across a merchant ship, check out its offer and get the best Lost Ark items available to upgrade your ship and crew.

Now you know how to get pirate coins in Lost Ark and how to spend this type of premium currency to improve your ships and their crew. Amass as many pirate coins as possible and upgrade your ships and their crews to become the lord and master of the Lost Ark seas .

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