Hearthstone Mini-Guide: Pirate Warrior by Jambre

Jambre’s Pirate Warrior at a Glance: Deck Description, Starting Hand Tips, and Strategy


Hearthstone most recently released Update 9.1, which included some card balancing changes. “Illumination”, “Creeping Plague”, “Evil Eye”, “Murloc Warlord” and, most importantly, “Fire Ax”, which was the key card of the “Warrior Pirate” in the game. Many predicted that the “Warrior Pirate” will be non-existence, however, not everything is so simple.

A player from England under the nickname Jambre has created a truly extraordinary “Pirate Warrior” deck, which no longer has a “Fire Ax” in its arsenal, two copies of “Hero Strike” and a couple of “Daring Raiders”.

The author of the deck reached Legend rank # 83 with her , but some other players were able to take higher positions.

Jambre’s Pirate Warrior deck

Deck code : AAECAQcEyAPyBZG8ApziAg0cmQKwAv8DjgWoBdQF7gaCsAKIsAK5vwKvwgLrwgIA

The deck now has cards that were previously unpopular in the archetype, which went well into the general concept, and the style of play slowed down a bit towards midgame.


Look for the following cards in your starting hand :

  • “Prince Keleset”. The best card to get at the start: it empowers the rest of your creatures in the deck, bringing great benefits and a leap in pace.
  • First Mate of N’Zoth. A weapon in your starting hand, along with a couple of 1/1 creatures, is a great start to the game, which will help not only grab the table, but also deal with your opponent’s creatures.
  • “Fireball”. It’s just a one mana creature that benefits from its battle cry. In general, it’s a 2/4 2-mana creature, which is incredibly strong in the early game.
  • Captain of the South Seas and Furious Berserker. These cards can be left in hand with the Coin. Their main difference is that one must be left with pirates in hand, and the other will be a good creature on an empty table of the third move.

Play style

The current “Pirate Warrior” is somewhat similar to the once popular “Zoololok” – it has a lot of creatures for the early game, cheap removal (in the case of the Warrior of weapons) and a lot of explosive damage from the hand.

The Pirate Warrior starts the game by playing his cheap creatures and making profitable trades through weapons, Upgrades, and pirate synergies. In the game, exchanges are vital, since at one point the Warrior will be able to inflict colossal damage on the opponent’s hero in the later stages of the game.


“Pirate Warrior”, although it suffered a blow to the heart, nevertheless, it has not ceased to be one of the most popular decks. Popular players began experimenting with might and main with various options for adding new cards and new mechanics that were not previously used by the aggressive Warrior deck.

How do you like the deck? Have you already tried something similar? Share your opinion in the comments

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