How to get meme stickers on your WhatsApp from iPhone?

Memes are funny images simulating some act, today these are widely used in all social networks and WhatsApp is not far behind, in it you can make use of these through stickers, so if you do not know how to get stickers from memes on your WhatsApp from iPhone you should keep reading this article.

Here we will tell you how you will find and you can use these images in the form of a sticker easily in your WhatsApp social network.

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  1. Where do you see the stickers that you have downloaded on your WhatsApp?
  2. What are the best iOS apps with sticker packs?
    1. Top Stickers
    2. Best Stickers for WhatsApp
    3. Stickers Packs para WhatsApp!
    4. Emoji Me Face Maker for Moji
    5. Classic Mac
  3. How can you create your own stickers to use on WhatsApp?
    1. Sticker Maker Stickers Studio
    2. Stickify
    3. PTKDev Stickers for WA
  4. How to export your newly created stickers to your WhatsApp account on iPhone?

Where do you see the stickers that you have downloaded on your WhatsApp?

You can use the stickers on WhatsApp while you use the application , you can add it to photos, videos, messages and even send two stickers at the same time , use them very easily if you do not know where your downloaded stickers are, you can follow the following procedure to find them:

  1. Enter your WhatsApp application. It will be the same procedure for any device.
  2. Now you must enter a part where the WhatsApp keyboard appears, if you wish, enter a chat that you have right there.
  3. When you are in the chat you must click on the smiley icon that you have on your left side.
  4. Here you will see your emojis, next to these you can see different folders by pressing on the sticker.
  5. Now you will find the ones you have saved, but the downloaded ones are not here yet, since you must first use them at least once.
  6. At the top of your keyboard you will see that there are some folders, in it you must look for the profile picture of your downloaded pack.
  7. When you find it, press on it and you will see your downloaded stickers, press on them to start using them.

To delete them, you just have to press + and search your stickers for the pack you want to delete when you find it, press on the trash can.

What are the best iOS apps with sticker packs?

There are many ways where you can find a sticker already prepared in the form of a meme for the WhatsApp social network, if you want to obtain them, you only have to have the correct application , if you do not know what it is, then we will tell you some that will be of your help :

Top Stickers

It is an application that you have available in the app store, in it you can find a wide variety of creative stickers already prepared and if it is your wish you will also have the possibility of creating your own , you just have to download it to your phone and start using it.

Best Stickers for WhatsApp

This application has a wide variety of packs that you can download to your device and then use in the WhatsApp messaging app. In Best Stickers for WhatsApp you will be able to find the most famous memes in the form of stickers on the internet, so if you are looking for a meme application, this will be the one that you have available in your download store.

Stickers Packs para WhatsApp!

This application is responsible for giving its viewers a sticker for WhatsApp in an easy and very attractive way, and it even has a hand-made sticker giving it a more creative touch than another application, it has a variety of content and you can find it in the App Store.

Emoji Me Face Maker for Moji

If you want a more real sticker, this application can help you, since it creates stickers from our appearance where you can effectively customize them, it is very easy to use and you can find it in the iPhone download store.

Classic Mac

Created by the same industry as your Apple phone , it allows you to have classic macOS icons for use in your WhatsApp conversations.

How can you create your own stickers to use on WhatsApp?

Making a sticker is not difficult, you just have to have an application downloaded on your device, by having this you can make the emojis you want and start using them in your messaging application, this will be the way to do them:

Sticker Maker Stickers Studio

It is an application widely used by Apple subscribers for its toolbar application to create stickers, to use it you just have to enter it and press create new pack, now look for the image and start creating.


In this application it is very simple to use, so it is widely used on iOS devices , not only can you create a sticker, but it also gives you the choice of different already prepared packs.

PTKDev Stickers for WA

In this application , making your stickers will be very simple, you just have to enter it and start making your creation, it gives you everything very specified so that it is easy for you to create different Stickers easily, quickly and safely, it will not take up any time.

How to export your newly created stickers to your WhatsApp account on iPhone?

The Sticker are creative ways to send images to your contacts to convey an idea easily and quickly, you can create these and then send them to your WhatsApp accounts to start using them, you can not only place them in messages, but You can also use them by adding or placing them in your photos , but first you must export them from the application in which you made them.

If you do not know how to do it, we will tell you or explain in detail what procedure you must follow so that you receive them in your WhatsApp account without any problem:

  1. You must enter the application in which you created the emojis. It can be any of the recommended above.
  2. Search and enter the sticker pack that you have already made before.
  3. When you find this you must press on the settings of said pack, sometimes you have an icon of three points in the form of a row, it will depend on the application.
  4. Here you will see the option to export.

In this option you will see the WhatsApp application, you must click on it and then go to the applications. You must accept the terms that put you on the path, example of saving changes.


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