How to put stickers on WhatsApp statuses from an iPhone?

Putting states with Stickers is a WhatsApp innovation that allows you to be more creative and make states more fun. This is a new feature that can only be done in the latest versions of this app. So, read on to learn how to put stickers on WhatsApp status from an Iphone phone.

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  1. Where to get stickers for WhatsApp status?
  2. How to put stickers on images from gallery or recent?
  3. What app is used to put stickers on WhatsApp states?
    1. Sticker Maker
  4. Where else is it possible to put stickers on WhatsApp iOS?
    1. Photos and videos

Where to get stickers for WhatsApp status?

A large part of WhatsApp users use to create their own animated stickers . Well, there are many tools that allow you to make these creations from images, photos or GIFs . Similarly, you can get stickers in the chats of your friends and contacts on this social network.

Well, many people communicate using a large number of these stickers, so you only have to save them in favorites to add them to your account. To do this, you just have to press the sticker and when the options open, you must press add to favorites. Likewise, there are pages that function as sticker banks such as

How to put stickers on images from gallery or recent?

The first thing you should do is open the WhatsApp application or, in that case, the web version of this social network . Then you will appear in the chats section where you must scroll the screen to the right to go to the status section.  At the top of this section appears the option my statuses.

In this section you have to enter and upload a photo or image to your state, which can be taken from the camera or can be uploaded through the gallery. When the image has loaded, you must look at the upper right, where there are several options among which there is a face that you must press.

When the options for stickers or emojis appear , you must choose the first one. Next, the application gives access to the stickers that you have in your account, both those that the application brings and all those that you have saved as favorites. To finish, you must choose one of these stickers and paste it in the image that you have uploaded, then you can send the status to your contacts.

What app is used to put stickers on WhatsApp states?

WhatsApp allows you to put stickers in the states of this application if the need to use external applications. Since this is a function or characteristic that this social network has. However, there are applications that help to make these stickers and send them directly to a WhatsApp status.

Sticker Maker

One of these applications is Sticker Maker , which is a tool for creating Stickers. In fact, it is the most used application for this purpose and therefore, the most popular among the applications that allow the creation of Stickers. This application has templates that facilitate the creation work.

Once the creation of the sticker has been completed, this application gives the option to save it in WhatsApp to use it later. Likewise, there is an option that allows you to send said sticker as a message to another user or send it to your account status . If the latter is chosen, a story will automatically be created where you must choose the image where the Sticker will be placed.

Where else is it possible to put stickers on WhatsApp iOS?

The states as such are not the only way to send the Stickers through WhatsApp, in fact, the most used way to send stickers in this social network is in messages or chats. Well, many people use them to avoid having to write a single word, since some stickers come with text included. Remember that you must download the most recent version of WhatsApp in order to have all these features, since putting stickers in states does not work when you have old versions of the application.

Photos and videos

In the same way, stickers can also be placed on the photos, it all depends on the creativity of the person. In this sense, in the Sticker creation applications you can upload an image and edit it there to put as many stickers as you want. After editing this image you can add it to WhatsApp and upload it to a status or send it to a friend.

Another place where Stickers are placed is in the videos, since it is a way to give animation to this audiovisual content . To put them in the videos, you also have to go through a video editing process to paste stickers in the places or clips where they are best for the enjoyment of it.

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