How To Get Gadgets On Brawl Stars

Gadgets are equippable items for each character in Brawl Stars (each gadget is different depending on the character) that are used to activate a special ability, which can only be activated a certain number of times per game that will vary according to the brawler.

There are two ways to get the gadgets in the game, one is buying them in the store, in which they have a cost of 1000 coins and another is through the game boxes. All characters from level 7 onwards can use gadgets.

How To Get Gadgets On Brawl Stars

How To Get Gadgets On Brawl Stars in the game boxes

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Gadgets are easier to get than some characters or star powers, so it could be said that it is more likely to get a gadget than any of these other rewards, however it is not that simple, since we will only get gadgets of characters that already have a level 7 or higher.

The initial percentage to get gadgets in a small box is 2% in each box, but this percentage can increase as we unlock more characters and reach level 7 with them, but also exhausting the other rewards of the boxes.

This percentage is higher if we deal with large boxes, which are equivalent to 3 small boxes, then being a 6% chance of getting a gadget in that box, and up to a 20% in a megabox, which is equivalent to 10 small boxes.

Best gadgets Brawl Stars

Gadgets or gadgets are very useful in games since they give us the opportunity to activate a special ability, and the truth is that some of the gadgets of brawlers are really advantageous in combat, so do not hesitate to use them if you have them. Some of the best gadgets are these:

  • Nita’s protective skin.
  • Frank’s noise cancellation.
  • Crow’s Defense Booster
  • Frienzoner at Emz
  • Rosa’s hostile bushes.
  • Poco’s fretboard.
  • Sprout’s shredder.

There are many really good gadgets and to get a greater number of gadgets what you should do is open many boxes, as many as you can, so that in this way you can collect the gadgets you want and do not spend coins buying them.

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