How to generate images with Photoshop’s AI

So you can generate images, extend the background, and more with Photoshop’s new AI. We show you how to do it step by step.

Photoshop is now much smarter thanks to the integration of Adobe Firefly , Adobe’s AI that allows you to generate images from a short text description. The image editing program now includes this feature under the name Generative Fill , and allows, in addition to creating designs in a similar way to how we would do it with DALL-E or Midjourney, removing elements from a photograph or expanding an image with just a few clicks .

The tool also represents a before and after in the most popular program in the Adobe suite, since it is no longer necessary to have advanced knowledge to edit an image by freeing us from using more complex tools. But how can we use the new AI in Photoshop?

First of all, you should keep in mind that the Gerative Fill feature is, at least for the moment, in Beta phase , and only available for the desktop version. It is therefore necessary to download the Photoshop trial app. To do this, simply go to Creative Cloud and click on the ‘Applications’ tab. Next, in the side menu, click on the section called ‘Applications in beta version’ and install Photoshop.

Additionally, Adobe may not allow you to use artificial intelligence features because it detects that your account is registered as a minor user. It is a common error and, luckily, it has an easy solution. Just change your date of birth in your Adobe account. Here we tell you how to do it .

How to generate images with Photoshop’s AI

Once the beta version of Photoshop is installed, access the program and open a new image; you can do this from the menu bar, by going to File > Open, or by pressing Command + O. Next, choose one of the different selection tools Photoshop offers and select the area of ​​the image you want to modify .

Photoshop will display a new context bar with shortcuts to tools related to image selection, including Gerative Fill. It is only necessary to click on that button and write what we want the AI ​​to generate .

The text, yes, must be in English , and has some limitations. For example, Photoshop does not allow you to generate designs with copyrights, with trademarks, etc. Therefore, they must be generic.

Once you have written what you want to appear in the image, click on ‘Generate’ . Photoshop will take a few seconds to display three different examples for you to choose from. AI-generated designs also appear on a new layer, so you can easily remove or edit them without disturbing the rest of the image.

You can follow these steps in any part of the image and, for example, generate clouds in a blue sky, add a car on a road, etc.

How to enlarge the background of an image with Generative Fill

In addition to creating images using artificial intelligence, Generative Fill also allows you to enlarge the background of a photograph with a very high level of realism. To do this, simply expand the image by going to the menu bar, clicking on Image > Canvas size and selecting the size you want . Photoshop, by default, will add a blank canvas next to the image.

Lastly, pick the selection tool and trace the entire area blank. The contextual bar will show the Generative Fill button, you just have to click on it and, finally, click on ‘Generate’ . In a few seconds Photoshop will enlarge the background. Again, the program will allow you to choose between three different options.


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