How to change age in Adobe to use AI in Photoshop

We tell you how to change the age in Adobe step by step so you can use Generative Fill, Photoshop’s AI-powered feature.

If you’re a Photoshop user, you’ll probably be wanting to try Generative Fill , the feature powered by Firefly , Adobe’s AI that allows you to generate images via a short text description. Using this feature is relatively simple, and it only consists of carrying out a series of steps that are also quite intuitive. Many users, however, are having problems with the tool and claim that the program won’t let them use it because the ‘Generate’ button is greyed out. It is a common error that, luckily, has an easy solution. You just have to change the age of Adobe; we teach you how to do it.

According to the report of several users, Photoshop shows the Generative Fill function in the new contextual bar that appears when selecting an area of ​​the image, but, again, the button is grayed out, so it is impossible to use the tool . While it may seem like a language limitation, since the AI ​​only receives responses in English, the bug is in an issue with the user’s Adobe account date of birth.

Photoshop, specifically – and for some unknown reason – limits the function for people over 18 years of age. Therefore, it grays out the button and prevents the use of the AI ​​because the program believes that the user who is using it is underage, even though they really are not. It is possible that the beta did not correctly detect the age of the account linked to Photoshop or that the age is not up to date, so the solution is to update the date of birth, and not everyone knows how to do it correctly.

How to change the age in Adobe step by step

Now, how can we change the age in Adobe? First of all, and as described by a user in the platform’s forums, it is necessary to log in to Behance with your Adobe ID. To do this, go to this website and click on the ‘Login’ button that appears at the top of the screen. Then, enter your account credentials. If this is the first time you log into Benhance, the website will ask you to enter your date of birth.

Once you’ve managed to change the age in Adobe, go to Photoshop and sign out of your account. You can do it from the menu bar, in Help > Sign out . Finally, close the program, open it, and log in again. The Generative Fill tool should be operational.

If you’re using an Apple, Google, or other third-party account, to sign in to Adobe, make sure your date of birth is correct.


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