How to Generate a Download Link for Google Drive

When uploading a file to Google Drive, it will already have a link, which users will be able to download the uploaded content. To obtain and view the link, you just have to select it from the Google Drive interface and click on “Get link” .

It also works with any type of cloud storage you want to use, be it MEGA or WeTransfer. That is, just by uploading your file to Google Drive or some of these applications, you will already have at your disposal a link of it, since these are generated automatically , the only thing different are the steps to obtain the link.

For example, to access all the files stored in Google Drive , you have to use a Google mail, and unique requirements of those applications, in MEGA or other services you can create your account with any mail service. On the other hand, one of the advantages of using the cloud is that you can save almost anything without risk of loss.

When you save your multimedia or office files in Google Drive, all you have to do is save your access data or just generate a link , with the purpose of downloading the content as many times as you want, as well as saving memory space, we secure our important documents or files.

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  1. What is the way to make a download link in Google Drive?
    1. In WeTransfer or MEGA
  2. How to configure a Google Drive link as ‘public’?
  3. How to upload a file to a Google Drive link?

What is the way to make a download link in Google Drive?

The simple method of making a download link in Google Drive is by uploading a file, directly to the platform, download the application on your device or go to the official page from your computer. To create a link you just have to:

  1. Open your Google Drive application and upload a file either from your device or from a Google service.
  2. Locate and select the uploaded file you can find it in the “My drive” section in files.
  3. Click on your file and click on “Get link.”
  4. Change the privacy settings so that anyone who has the link can download it, of course this setting is according to your needs.
  5. Click on “Copy the link” and voila, you can give personal use to the download link. There are also services that are responsible for creating Google Drive links without using the application either:

In WeTransfer or MEGA

In these services you can send files to Google Drive to generate a link . In WeTransfer you only have to write the email of an account that sends and that of one that receives, so when you upload a file in the panel you can send it to the Google service in order to generate a link.

Similarly in MEGA, you have the option to upload files and generate download links or you can only transfer them to your Google account using tools like Google Colab, in this way both accounts will be synchronized.

How to configure a Google Drive link as ‘public’?

When generating and copying a link you must be careful with the privacy settings, since the link changes according to the option you have. That is, if you have a private or restricted link it will be different than if you use it in another way. To configure the Google Drive link as public you must:

  1. Click on your file in the Google Drive application.
  2. Click on the “get link” option.
  3. Change “Restricted” to “Anyone with the link.”
  4. Select between reader, commentator or editor in order to designate the use of the file and that’s it.

In this way the permissions of your file will be as public, and anyone can access it from the link that you share. An important fact is that in Google Drive you can create copies of a file and use different privacy settings of the same file.

How to upload a file to a Google Drive link?

If a document has been shared or uploaded to Google Drive as public along with editor permissions, a user will be able to add files to it. Of course this is valid for those in which editing is allowed. For example, a document, sheets, spreadsheets or anything related to office automation.

If you have a link to an image or a compressed file, they cannot be edited, only shared with other users. But if this is the case, it is recommended to put this type of objects to a folder and thus be able to later add more files to the Google Drive link just by putting them in the shared folder.

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