How to float with my character in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is undoubtedly  the action game that is dominating the attention of a large percentage of users, thanks to its multiple and interesting characters that will make your gaming adventure a moment full of emotions.

The premise is that within this world everything is valid, you can learn to handle weapons of incredible power or fight in hand-to-hand duels, but all success depends on how well you master the skills of your legend . Today we will talk about how to make your character float.

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  1. What is Glide Boost and how to use it as a competitive advantage?
  2. Which structures must I interact with in my environment to plan correctly?
    1. Being near an elevated surface
  3. How to use the red balloons to float along the map?
    1. Look to the sky while you wear them

What is Glide Boost and how to use it as a competitive advantage?

When you decide to download Apex Legends , it’s probably because the impressive graphics, the combat structure and the powerful abilities of the characters have just enchanted you. Once you start exploring the video game, you will begin the search for new tricks and skills that will allow you to improve your combat technique and game in general.

Recently, Apex incorporated a new movement technique, known as Super Gliding or Glide Boost , basically that makes your character rise and slide after reaching a remarkable speed and falling, it is not decisive for your advantage against other players, although it can be fun to apply.

If you are interested in checking this technique for yourself, after you start the game you must make your legend climb a wall quickly, at least 513 speed units per second, immediately reach the top, you must press the crouch and jump keys , simultaneously. Thus, you will get a brief levitation movement in your character that ends with the slide on his knees.

Which structures must I interact with in my environment to plan correctly?

Within this video game you have the option to choose between 18 legends and use the ‘Quips’ of Apex Legends  corresponding to your character, you will be surprised to discover that each one was represented by different actors, to add the particular touch of each voice. Like these, hundreds of little details in the game make sure to give you an experience that envelops your senses.

While thousands of users are waiting for Apex Legends to float like Anthem, this is not yet an option. Despite this, there are certain tricks and strategies that you can take advantage of with some cunning, to get ahead of your competitors. For example, glide by falling from a ship or a balloon , which activates the falling mode of your legend.

Being near an elevated surface

We are all interested in obtaining a package within Apex Legends , therefore mastering the greatest number of skills, which bring you closer to completing the current battle, becomes a precious resource. Among them plan or fly for brief moments to your character.

In this case, the step by step that will allow you to propel yourself with your character implies, as we have mentioned before, that for example, you get on a ship and drop it while you approach down on the map. At this point, you should proceed as follows:

  • While your character is in the air, approach an obstacle or raised surface in the environment, this will trigger the vertical glide animation.
  • This surface can be a mountain, a tree or any other, the important thing is that while you do it, do not lose speed, that is, keep the “W” key pressed.
  • Immediately you must proceed to raise the camera and activate the “Free-look”, remember to maintain the speed.
  • Now, holding the “Free-look” and the speed, you will go vertically gliding your character by alternately pressing the “A” and “D” keys, which move you in direction.
  • From time to time release the “Free-look” to adjust the view and practice this skill as much as possible.

How to use the red balloons to float along the map?

There is a second technique that you can apply to make your character rise for a while in the game, although beforehand it is advisable to know your ping in Apex Legends , with this you make sure you prevent failures with the server. Now, to take advantage of the mobility function of the red balloons and travel great distances with little effort, you must complete a series of steps.

Look to the sky while you wear them

The way you get to fly your character in Apex Legends, with the red balloons and parachute , is relatively simple, although with more practice you will develop more skill. Initially you must:

  • Locate yourself in an area where there are balloons, there you must climb on one of them.
  • Immediately look up at the sky.
  • As soon as you let go of the balloon activate the “Free-Look” and the key to go forward, so that you make the game think that you are interested in going up.
  • When you pass away from the play area or on top of a structure, the rockets will activate and propel you up, so you can move much faster.
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