How to fix the VORBISFILE.DLL file is missing error?

Surely it has happened to you on several occasions that when you start a game you find the error VORBISFILE.DLL file is missing , even with other programs as well.

If this has happened to you, you will know that problems with “.DLL” files generally affect the performance of your computer. These files are essential for starting a program or game , as they have graphics, fonts, commands and other parts of that program.

All these errors produced by the lack of a .dll file are solvable using different methods. Do you want to know how? Just follow this little guide.

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  1. What is a .DLL file?
  2. Why does this error occur?
  3. How to fix the VORBISFILE.DLL file is missing error?

What is a .DLL file?

DLL is the acronym in English for the name Dynamic Link Library , it consists of a series of files that consist of executable codes by the computer. When we order the computer to open an application, it stealthily loads this DLL library corresponding to the program.

This makes it possible to use these programs on the computer and if any fail you will have the “VORBISFILE.DLL file is missing error” or other similar errors.

Why does this error occur?

These errors are widely associated with file loss or damage. This can be caused by sudden computer shutdown , hard drive damage, and even if it was accidentally removed. It is also possible that multiple programs use the same .DLL file, and deleting this also removes the .DLL file from the other associated programs.

When this happens, you will find a pop-up window that may have the phrase “The application could not be started because the file vorbisfile.dll was not found.”

How to fix the VORBISFILE.DLL file is missing error?

There are several ways to recover a deleted or corrupted .dll file, you can even get a new .dll file if the original one was left unusable. Follow these recommendations and learn how to do it yourself. 

Solution one: recover the file

When it shows us that window saying that the file is missing, it is very likely that it has been deleted and is in the recycle bin of the PC. The only thing you have to do in this case is to restore the file and it will go to its original folder.

You may also have emptied your trash containing this file. If this is your case, you should only look for a program that has the ability to restore deleted files from the trash.

Solution two: scan your PC

It is possible that there is a virus that could be corrupting your .dll or that it is deleting them. It may even be the case that a real virus is using this extension to disguise itself and not be detected. That is why it is advisable to carry out a deep scan of your computer, to avoid these incidents with malware on your PC.

Solution three: restore the entire system

Doing a system restore will bring your operating system to a point where your .dll settings were correct.

This is a very easy, fast and effective way out to fix VORBISFILE.DLL file missing error. If you have problems restoring your system you can also encourage yourself with the following solution.

Solution four: update the drivers

You can decide to update these drivers from the Service Packs program , this action will replace some Microsoft DLL files. In this way you can replace the damaged, corrupted or deleted file.

Solution five: download the software

If none of the above has worked for you, you still have an ace up your sleeve, and that is simply downloading a new .dll file . Once you have your new file, you can solve the error that the VORBISFILE.DLL file is missing by locating it in its corresponding folder, replacing or deleting the previous one.

In this specific case, you must locate it in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 or in C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 depending on the characteristics of your computer.

Whenever you conclude with any of the proposed solutions, you must restart the computer to verify that the game or program works normally.


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