How to fix msvcr100.dll file missing error?

Windows is one of the best operating systems that exist, since it brings thousands of functions or tools that give comfort to its users, however, it is not without fatal errors. With that in mind today you will learn to solve one of them

And is that, everyone has ever had a Windows failure (such as the blue screen error 0xc0000001 ) which has turned their world upside down. This is because it is believed that most errors are fatal, which is a big lie, as you will see when you solve the next error easily.

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  1. How to fix msvcr100.dll file missing error?
  2. Manual download and installation of the file in question

How to fix msvcr100.dll file missing error?

Before you can fix the msvcr100.dll file missing error, you need to know why the error occurs, so that you have a bit of context about the situation. The reason is very simple, graphical libraries are missing in the core of your system , which causes the error to appear when trying to open a program.

That is why the way to solve this error is by downloading these happy libraries or DLL files. There are several ways to achieve this, but the easiest and most recommended by Windows is by downloading the C ++ visual libraries for Visual Studios.

This is done as follows: go to the official Microsoft store  and look for “Visual C ++ Libraries”, when you find the results, download the program that corresponds to the system you use (it can be 32 or 64 bits).

Once you have it on your computer, run it like any other program and wait for all the libraries to download. When the process finishes restart your computer so that the changes are configured and that’s it .

Now, you should be able to open the application or file that did not leave you before, since you should have all the necessary visual libraries. It should be noted that this process not only works in Windows 10 , also in 7.8, etc.

In the remote case that you do not achieve your goal through this program, then you will have to proceed to manually install the DLL files you need.

Manual download and installation of the file in question

With the above, it should have been clear how to solve the error msvcr100.dll file is missing, however if it does not work for you, there is still something you can do to resolve this error that indicates that a DLL file is missing , and that is to download it manually.

The first step of this solution is to search the browser for the name of the file, once you find it on a page (that is reliable), proceed to download it. When you have it, you have to unzip the ZIP file it comes in.

Next, you just have to go to the program that does not open and right-click on it, then in the drop-down menu that will appear, click on the option ” Go to the containing folder”, and within that same paste the file extracted from the ZIP.

Finally, you have to go to C: \ Windows \ System32 \, and there also paste the DLL file, since this will make your PC recognize it and not throw you any other similar error.

And voila, with that you will have been able to solve the error msvcr100.dll file is missing, so you have nothing else to do here at this time, go to your PC (if you are no longer on it) and solve this fatal error.

But before you go, remember that like this there are many other errors that Windows can throw at any time , a fact that makes it worthwhile for you to start looking for how to solve them all before they happen to you to be prepared. As a recommendation you should look for: How to solve the error winhttp.dll was not found ?, or something of the same style to serve as a guide.


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