How to fix ddraw.dll missing error in Windows 10

Ddraw.dll is a dynamic link library file required by DirectX for 2D graphics. It is a shared system file that is essential for multimedia software. If that file gets deleted or corrupted then some software issues might arise.

Missing ddraw.dll errors are among the most common DLL problems that return an error message that says, » This application cannot start because ddraw.dll is missing from your computer. «

If you ever encounter that error message or a similar one, some of your multimedia programs will not run. These ddraw.dll errors can be caused by malware, corrupt or invalid registry entries, an outdated version of DirectX, corrupted system files, or a deleted ddraw.dll file.

As such, there are numerous potential fixes for the missing drawing error. Here are some resolutions that will likely fix the ddraw.dll missing error in Windows 10.

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  •  Ddraw.dll is missing in Windows 10? Here’s how to fix it
  • Scan for malware
  • Run a System File Check Scan
  • Scan the Registry
  • Re-register the Ddraw file
  • Reinstall the software
  • Save a new Ddraw.dll in Windows
  • Roll back windows to a restore point

Ddraw.dll is missing in Windows 10? Here’s how to fix it

  1. Scan for malware

DLL files are a frequent target of malware. As such, malware may be responsible for the missing ddraw.dll error. To remove malware from Windows, add an antivirus utility to the operating system. You can scan and purge malware with Malwarebytes, which has a free disassembled version. Click the Free Download button on this main page to add the trial version to Windows, and then click the Malwarebytes Scan Now button to find and remove malware.

  1. Run a System File Check Scan

If malware has corrupted the ddraw file, the System File Checker can also repair it. The tool will scan the system files and replace the damaged ones with a cached copy. You can use the SFC in Windows 10 as follows.

  1. Press Win + X key to open command prompt from Win + X menu.
  2. Then select Command Prompt (Admin) to open the Prompt
  3. First, run the Deployment Services and Image Management Tool by entering DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth at the Command Prompt; and press the Return key.
  4. Enter sfc / scannow and press Return to start the System File Checker analysis.
  5. The SFC scan can take up to half an hour. Restart Windows if WRP repairs some files.
  1. Scan the Registry

The registry can often be the source of DLL errors. There may be invalid registry entries for ddraw.dll. You can scan and repair the registry entries with third-party utility software, such as CCleaner. This is how you can scan the registry with CCleaner freeware.

  1. Click the Download button on this website page to save the CCleaner installer on Windows.
  2. Open the CCleaner installer to add the utility software to Windows.
  3. Click the CCleaner icon to open the software window.
  4. Click Registry to open the CCleaner registry cleaner shown directly below
  5. Note that the registry cleaner includes a Missing Shared DLLs check box . Select Missing Shared DLLs along with all other check boxes for the fullest analysis.
  6. First, click on the Find Problems option , which will scan the registry for problems.
  7. Then press the Fix Selected Problems button to repair the listed registry entries.
  8. A dialog box opens requesting that the registry be backed up. Click Yes to create a backup, select a folder for the file and press the Save button
  9. Then press the Fix all selected problems button to give additional confirmation to the repair log.
  1. Re-register the Ddraw file

Regsvr32, otherwise Register Server, is another Windows tool that can be useful for fixing DLL errors. It may be that the ddraw file has broken registry references, which regsvr32 can fix. You can re-register the ddraw file with regsvr32 via Command Prompt as below.

  1. First, press the Cortana button on the Windows 10 taskbar.
  2. Enter cmd in Cortana’s search box.
  3. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator to open it.
  4. Enter regsvr32 / u ddraw.dll in the prompt window and press the Return key.
  5. Then enter regvr32 ddraw.dll and press Enter to re-register the DLL.
  1. Reinstall the software

If a specific program is returning the missing ddraw.dll error, reinstalling the software might fix the problem. The missing DLL error message also suggests that you reinstall the program. The software may not have been installed properly, which would leave you with some corrupted files. You can reinstall the program as follows.

  1. To open Run, press Win + R key.
  2. Enter appwiz.cpl in Run and press Enter to open the Control Panel tab shown directly below
  3. Select the program that returns the DLL error.
  4. Press the Uninstall button to remove the program.
  5. Click Yes on the Programs and Features dialog to confirm that you are sure you want to remove the software.
  6. Then reinstall the program with its installation wizard
  1. Save a new Ddraw.dll in Windows

The error message indicates that the ddraw.dll file is missing, so the file may have been deleted. The easiest way to check is to enter ddraw.dll into Cortana’s search box, which should find the file as shown in the snapshot below. If the file has been deleted, you can download another copy of the ddraw.dll – but only from reputable sources. is one of the most reputable websites for DLL files. The site includes a repository of DLL files for Windows 64-bit and 32-bit platforms. You can save a new ddraw.dll in Windows from that site as follows.

  1. Click this hyperlink to open
  2. Enter ddraw.dll in the search box on the website and click the Find DLL button .
  3. Then click on ddraw.dll to open a list of ddraw file versions
  4. Click the Download option next to the ddraw.dll file for your platform.
  5. The ddraw.dll will be saved as a ZIP, which you can extract by selecting the ZIP and pressing the Extract All button in File Explorer.
  6. Then move the ddraw.dll to the C:> Windows> System32 folder shown directly below.
  7. Restart your desktop or laptop computer.
  8. You may also need to register the ddraw file by entering regsvr32 ddraw.dll at the Command Prompt.
  1. Roll back windows to a restore point

System Restore provides one of the best solutions for DLL errors. This will undo the changes made to the system files and return the registry settings to the selected restore point date. This is how you can use the System Restore tool in Windows 10.

  1. Enter rstrui in Run and click OK to open the window directly below
  2. Click Next to open a list of restore points.
  3. Select a restore point prior to the missing trace error.
  4. To check which software will be lost after restoring Windows, click the Search affected programs button . This option will open the window showing the software added after the selected restore point


  1. Press the Next button and click the Finish and Yes options to confirm the selected system restore point.

Here are some of the best remedies for ddraw.dll missing problem. In addition to these resolutions, DLL fixer software like DLL Suite, DLL Tool, and DLL-Files Fixer can also solve the problem. Take a look at this article for more details on how to fix DLL errors


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