How to fix the blue screen of death 0x00000074?

Blue Screen of Death 0x00000074 often appears on Windows 7 operating system; however, the occurrence of this critical failure is also possible in other versions of the Microsoft operating system. The failure is due to damage to what is called the system.

It should be noted that such a situation is extremely unlikely, and all this is because Windows Loader checks the status of the situation when the operating system starts up. Among other things, Blue Screen of Death 0x00000074 can occur due to the lack of certain values ​​and keys in the registry. Fortunately, this BSoD can be eliminated with a few commands entered via the command line. Let’s take a look at them.

BSOD Solution 0x00000074

So you probably have the following question: how to launch the command prompt if there is no access to the system? The answer is with the installation disc. You need to obtain the installation disc for your operating system, then boot it and go to the Recovery Environment (Windows RE), which contains many useful tools for restoring the operating system.

As soon as you have a disk (or USB storage) boot it after setting the desired boot order in BIOS. As soon as a window appears in front of you with a button that starts the Windows installation process, do the following:

  1. click on the “System Restore” button;
  2. Check the box next to “Use recovery tools to resolve Windows startup problems.” Select the operating system to restore “;
  3. select Windows 7 from the list below and click the “Next” button;
  4. from the list of available tools, select “Command Prompt”;
  5. Run the following two commands in the console:
    • bcdedit / deletevalue {default} numproc
    • bcdedit / deletevalue {default} truncatememory
  6. As soon as you have finished executing the commands, restart the computer and remove the Windows installation media from the system.

Your operating system should now boot without any issues and the Blue Screen of Death 0x00000074 has been fixed.

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