How to fix ‘PSN access suspended’ on PS5?

PlayStation Network is a platform that takes great care that the policies and terms of service conditions are fully complied with . Any action taken by a user that violates these conditions results in the suspension of the PSN account. However, depending on the degree of violation, there are multiple methods to overcome this issue and gain access to a suspended PSN account.

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  1. Why do you get this PSN access error on your console?
    1. If you spread false information
    2. You participated in acts that could harm someone
    3. If you use the mistakes of a game to your advantage
    4. You sent SPAM content
    5. You created a profile with information that was not true
  2. How do you get rid of this error on a PS5?
    1. Make a claim to PSN
    2. Wait for the suspension time
    3. Contact PlayStation Support
  3. Where do you verify that the suspension has already been lifted on your PS5?

Why do you get this PSN access error on your console?

When an account is banned or suspended from PSN connections, the user receives an email to the address they provided when they signed up for PlayStation Network . In this email, the time that said suspension will last, or if it will be permanent, is made clear. As well as the particular reason the user was suspended .

However, this email often points out unspecific situations highlighting that the behavior has violated the PlayStation Network terms of service. Being more specific, in ‘Description of the community’ or in ‘Community publication’, and the specific message or publication will not be indicated . Therefore, you will have to assess what has been the origin of the particular offense that you have committed.

If you spread false information

Smearing another user on the PlayStation Network platform is a clear violation of the site’s terms and conditions. This includes any type of deception of another player as a method of obtaining commissions for prizes or events that do not exist. As well as infringing the copyrights of another user are classified in this section, and are potential reasons to suspend an account permanently.

You participated in acts that could harm someone

These acts usually refer to coexistence with other users on the PlayStation Network platform. Therefore, as reflected in the PSN terms and conditions: actions that are identified as intimidating and abusive can lead to the suspension of an account.

This includes things like whether the username you have chosen has double meaning or is offensive. If this is the case, you will need to change it . Likewise, messages or mentions considered offensive, discriminatory and harassment in general, lead to a suspension or ban on PSN.

If you use the mistakes of a game to your advantage

There are different ways by which users could profit from bugs on the PSN platform. Employing some kind of software or any kind of code command to circumvent PSN policies will undoubtedly lead to a permanent suspension of the account on the platform.

Similarly, using this type of situation to gain an advantage in a game or to get trophies , results in a sanction by the PlayStation Network team.

You sent SPAM content

SPAM content covers only interactions between users that are based on any type of offer or recommendation that violates PSN policies. Any request that attempts to drag a user to perform actions for the economic or commercial benefit of another is included in this section.

Posting advertising links , as well as sending messages to other users with advertising content, are considered SPAM by the PSN moderation team. In addition, this section also covers voice conversations that take place through the console’s microphone .

You created a profile with information that was not true

Providing false personal information as well as impersonating someone else can lead to suspension and even permanent banning of a console and account on PlayStation Network.

Site moderators carefully monitor whether all the data provided matches . For example, those of the PSN account and linked email, as well as those of the user’s IP address.

How do you get rid of this error on a PS5?

In general, suspensions from the PSN platform are usually permanent and irreversible. However, this depends on the type of violation that has been committed on the site and there are different methods to reduce the suspension time, or to gain access to the PlayStation Network.

This of course, except for the permanent prohibitions to users , in this case there is no method to recover the account in question.

Make a claim to PSN

This is the method that is least likely to be successful. Users who have made direct complaints to PSN do not receive a response for about a year. Besides that the response they receive is not entirely positive.

However, you can contact a PSN representative operator and request a specification of the reasons why your account has been suspended. Also, in case you are aware of the reasons, apologize for having overlooked such conditions .

Wait for the suspension time

When an account is suspended, the user of that account receives an email to the address that I associate with their login ID on the PlayStation Network. In that email, the PSN moderation team specifies the time during which the account will be suspended . So it could be a week, a month, or even a year.

In any case, it will be a matter of waiting for that period of time to elapse so that you can again enjoy the benefits offered by the PSN platform.

Contact PlayStation Support

You can access PlayStation support and contact the platform’s servers by selecting the ‘Account and security’ box from the available options. There, select the ‘blocks and suspensions’ section to be redirected to a new window where you can continue to carry out the process online or by calling the contact number shown at the bottom of the window.

In any case, you will have to specify the particular situation of the suspension of your account and request a reactivation in case it was an error.

Where do you verify that the suspension has already been lifted on your PS5?

When the suspension is still in effect, the moment you try to log into your PSN account , an error code will be displayed on the home screen . Then, when the suspension is over, you can seamlessly access your account on PlayStation Network and enjoy all the benefits you have purchased.


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