How to fix green screen on Samsung?

Samsung mobiles are one of the most popular devices today, due to their characteristics, functions and durability. But even so, these phones can have very strange flaws and turn our world upside down. This is why we will tell you what to do if the screen of your Samsung mobile turns green.

These types of faults are not normal in phones of different ranges and will prevent us from using the mobile on a regular basis. And so we wonder if this screen problem means that our Samsung cell phone has been damaged or can it be repaired? And the answer is yes and then we will tell you what to do to recompose the screen if it turns green.

What do I do if my SAMSUNG mobile screen turns green? – Causes and solution

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  1. Causes for which the screen of a Samsung turns green
    1. Updates from unknown sources
    2. malicious applications
    3. Malware in your mobile system
  2. How to solve the problems with the green screen of my Samsung mobile?
    1. Checking for system updates
    2. Installing an antivirus
    3. Do a hard reset
  3. What happens if the cell phone screen turns green?
  4. How to fix green screen on Samsung?

Causes for which the screen of a Samsung turns green

Believe it or not, this type of problem that your Samsung mobile presents in which the screen turns green, is more common than you think. Thus, when it downloads very quickly and can have various associated causes that are causing this error, so strange and at the same time so worrying. Among those responsible for the aforementioned problem we can mention the following:

Updates from unknown sources

The software on your mobile device may be failing, specifically due to a system update from an unknown source. Which is generating a problem with the calibration of the colors and manifesting the green color on the screen. Therefore, if you find a system update available, installing it may correct the conflict.

malicious applications

Another attempt that causes this unpleasant problem has to do with the download of malicious apps or those that are not carried out from Google Play. These may be causing a crash on your mobile device and on the screen. Generating not only this unusual green color, but also colored fringes and even flickering.

Malware in your mobile system

Finally, we can mention a serious problem that may be affecting your screen and it has to do with malware. Some kind of computer virus , which may have infected your mobile phone system. So, to fix it, an antivirus is necessary and you need to scan your device for these malicious software.

How to solve the problems with the green screen of my Samsung mobile?

One of the easiest ways that you can use to fix the green screen issue on Samsung mobiles. It is through the calibration of the screen, for this you can use a Touchscreen repair mobile application that you will download from the Google virtual store. This mobile application will detect possible screen failures and find solutions to fix the problem.

Another option that you can apply and is also very easy to do, has to do with the resolution of the mobile phone. In this case we can change the refresh rate and for this we will enter the ‘Settings’ of the mobile and select the ‘Screen and brightness’ section. In this case and depending on the model of your mobile devices, you can choose between the options offered by QHD, Full HD or HD’.

Checking for system updates

On many occasions, the applications that are downloaded to the mobile require updated software that is capable of executing said mobile application. That is why, by having the outdated system, these cause conflict and can throw a green screen on the mobile phone.

Now to check the available Android updates and that they are compatible with your Samsung smartphone. Go to “Settings”, then “System” and “System Updates” . Go through the system update patches and that way the error will be removed from your Samsung smartphone.

Installing an antivirus

When installing apps from unknown sources or downloading files to the cell phone, they may contain viruses that affect the system and end up displaying a green screen. To prevent this from happening, install a reputable antivirus from the Play Store to scan your mobile devices and keep them safe.

Samsung models like the Galaxy M10 are more vulnerable to malware since they were manufactured, since the default antivirus is not powerful enough to completely eliminate threats. Given this, most users resort to external programs such as AVG, Norton 360 and Avast to protect and defend against harmful viruses.

Do a hard reset

Then, when checking if in some of these resolutions the problem is corrected, if not, you can apply another method. Which will consist of resetting the mobile device or doing a hard reset which should repair your Samsung cell phone. But before continuing, we suggest that you protect your data and for this you must make a backup.

To perform this procedure you must do the following, enter the ‘Settings’ of your Samsung cell phone. Then you must choose by clicking on the ‘System’ option, then on the ‘Reset or Reset’ option, and finally, click on ‘ Reset phone’. Then the system will ask you to enter the PIN, as well as the password of your account.

By confirming that you want to reset the smartphone, the process will begin and when finished your cell phone will remain as factory. Which means that everything will have been erased and even the problem it presented. Inconveniences like this are easy to solve with a hard reset , just as your Samsung mobile does not read the Micro SD memories, in case you do not find a solution to the problem, it is time to go to a technical service.

What happens if the cell phone screen turns green?

Android phones are the most vulnerable to bugs on their screens , such as colored horizontal or vertical lines, or a full green screen. This may surprise many users because it can happen even in new mobile phones. In addition, it is not necessary for the cell phone to get wet or receive a big blow to unbalance its hardware and with it the colors on its screen.

Software is one of the main reasons for seeing green lines on the Smartphone screen . Of which, on many occasions they disappear just by restarting the cell phone or updating the software. But, in other circumstances, it may be best to exchange the screen for a new one at a technical service.

How to fix green screen on Samsung?

Viruses alter the normal functioning of mobile devices, especially Samsung ones. So, most malware infections in the operating system leave an unbalanced screen and vulnerable software. Therefore, the best course of action is to start the device in “Safe Mode”. Said mode will only show the Android factory applications, as if you turned it on for the first time.

To enter the safe mode you must press the on and off button for a few seconds until the “turn off” option appears, press the icon until it reflects the “safe mode” option, there if you touch it and let your mobile phone restart automatically.

That way, if the green screen lines disappear, you can conclude that one of the applications installed by you is the one causing the problem. Although, it could also result in files or documents infected with viruses on your mobile phone. Therefore, it is recommended to restore the device to its factory settings, delete all data from the cell phone.


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