How to remove green screen when playing videos in Windows 10

Operating systems have evolved to what we know today and we can take a look at what Windows 10 can offer us . Which are excellent novelties, but sometimes they can present fault like all computer systems. And one of them we can appreciate when we want to play a video. That is why we have brought you this article in which we will give you the solution to remove the green screen when playing a video in Windows 10.

If you are a user of the impressive Windows 10 operating system, you should already know its sensational wallpapers and its different functions. Among them we have to name the way to enable, display and customize the clock . A function that was believed to have been forgotten by the platform’s developers, but no, it is there and it is possible to have it in its usual place.

How to Remove Green Screen when Playing Videos in Windows 10? Solution here

But going into the topic at hand, we can assume that this situation must be very annoying when you have prepared to view a video on your player. And you get that you can only see a green screen and you have no idea what this problem is due to, but do not worry, then we will explain how to remove the green screen in the player.


  • Why this green screen problem occurs in Windows 10 player
  • Steps to remove green screen in Windows 10 player

Why this green screen problem occurs in Windows 10 player

Although it may not seem like it, the problem that the Windows 10 player presents is very recurrent and is reported by multiple users of this operating system. And it is a problem that occurs in the hardware of your computer and specifically in the graphics card . And it is the main reason for not letting you enjoy your videos and on the contrary, it only shows you a green screen.

This problem may have different causes associated with the graphics card, where it may be the card itself that is having failures. But it is also possible that it is the flash player that is outdated. The faults that can occur are very varied and we will see them one by one to be able to find the fault and thus solve the problem.

Steps to remove green screen in Windows 10 player

It is important to be able to locate in which sector or area of ​​our PC the failure is focused in order to apply the necessary corrections. So the first step is to enter the Google Chrome browser to disable the hardware accelerator . So being on the home page of Google we are going to click on the icon with three dots.

In this way, the Google options menu will be displayed and the next step is to select “Settings”. This action will take us to a new page and in it we will locate ourselves in the left section and select the option “Advanced settings”. More options will be displayed and we will scroll down to choose the “System” option.

Now on the right side of the screen we will find the option ” Use hardware acceleration when available “. And we are going to slide the switch to the left to disconnect this option and immediately and then the “Restart” button will appear, which we must select.

The next step is to wait for the browser to restart and now we must write the following Chrome: // gpu / in the address bar and then press “Enter”.

This has disabled the hardware accelerator and the green screen problem should be fixed, if not, try the following. Use the keyboard shortcuts and press the Windows + X keys , these to open the “Device Manager”. Now in this window you must select “Display adapters”.

The next step is to select the graphics card and right click to show the options and in our case you will choose Update driver . Once the update is finished, the green screen problem should be corrected. As you can see, it is as simple as making a Backup of PC drivers in Windows 10.

Thus ends this interesting article that I can teach you in a simple and practical way how you can eliminate the green screen when playing videos in Windows 10.


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