How to find the serial number of our AirPods Pro

Do we need to find the serial number of our AirPods Pro ? There are several ways to find it and places to consult it, whether we have the AirPods at the moment or they are at home. Let’s see the resources we have.

Inside the charging case

The simplest way. Inside the charging case , on the top cover, on the left side, the serial number is printed.

On our iPhone

  1. We connect the AirPods Pro to our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We open the Settingsapp .
  3. We enter General.
  4. We tap on Information.
  5. We played AirPods Pro X.

The serial number will appear, among other data, we can copy it by holding down on it.

Apple, packing or in headphones

  • If we don’t have the AirPods on hand and we need the serial number, we can call Apple(900 150 503) to find it for us. Easy especially if it is a recent order.
  • We can also find the serial number on the original purchase packaging, on the label next to the barcode.
  • Lastly, on both the AirPods Pro and the second generation AirPods, each earbud hasits serial number printed below the main body of the earbud. In general, for procedures such as repairs we need the code on the box, not the one on the headphones, which we have obtained with the previous options. However, the serial number on a headset can help Apple locate the general serial number.


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Whether we have our AirPods Pro on hand or we are without them, if we need your serial number for any management with Apple we will have several resources to find it.


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