How to find the nearest gas station with Google Maps

Many times finding the location of the gas station closest to our current location can be of great help, because we may be in trouble with the car running out of fuel, but thanks to Google Maps we can find the closest gas station.

Google Maps has become one of the best applications to move around the country , even outside of it, thanks to technology and its offline version we can also enjoy navigation wherever we are.

So much is the development of Google Maps, that Spain is one of the countries in which Google Maps works 100% , that is, it has all the available functions such as, for example, how to find the cheapest gas station and find nearby places such as gas stations closest to you.

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Never run out of fuel, Google Maps takes you to the nearest gas station

Surely more than once you have embarked on a trip and you are driving through an area that you do not know and suddenly the fuel reserve light of your car lights up and you do not know where to go, well Google Maps helps us a lot in it Follow these steps to find the gas station closest to your current location:

  • Open Google Maps and in the search bar type “gas stations” or “nearby gas stations” .
  • Maps will then start the search showing all the gas stations that are close to you, but we want the one that is closest to you, so we will have to click on this button and choose “Distance” .
  • Now the gas station closest to us will appear marked and thus we can go to refuel as soon as possible to avoid scares and not “get stranded” on the road.

You can also search for gas stations by brand, you just have to write “gas station (the name of the brand) closest” and the gas station of the brand you have chosen closest to your location will automatically appear.

This is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to find the closest gas station to our location with Google Maps and thus be able to avoid major scares.


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