How To Find the Center for Disease Research in Subnautica

Here’s what you need to do to find the Subnautica Center for Disease Research. Survive the accident with our complete guide.Following our Subnautica history guide , we have repaired the Auraro’s engines and obtained the Neptune Escape Rocket . Now we have to continue exploring the bases of the Precursors . One of the data logs on the Execution Platform spoke of the Center for Disease Research, our next destination .

Remember that while you were exploring the Aurora, you should have gotten the blueprints for the Cyclops and the PRAWN Suit . For now we are not going to use them, but it is convenient to have them already unlocked. What we are going to need is the Seamoth MK3 Depth Module .

To craft it, after crafting the MK1 Module (with the upgrade console attached to a wall in the Moon Pool), you have to craft the Mod Station . The Fragments for this object can be found in shipwrecks near the island where the Execution Platform is, or in the area of ​​the Gelasetas Caves .

However, we are going to need several materials to make it possible:

  • Plasteel Ingot x2.
  • Magnetite x2.
  • Enameled glass.
  • Ruby x3.

The Ingots plasteel are easy , you know where to get Ingots Titanium for both titanium and lithium x4. The magnetite is achieved biome Mountains , which is the area of the capsule 19 (if you find diamonds, picks the least 2 ). If you have followed the story, you should have a beacon with its position. You will get the Rubies in the caves of the Mountains biome , so you also know where to look.

The problem is with Enamelled Glass, which requires a Stalker’s Tooth (and Quartz x2, but that’s a common material). To get the Stalker’s Tooth, you will have to find a Stalker and follow it . At some point he will try to pick up Reusable Metal, at which point he can drop the Stalker’s Tooth . There is no other way to get it, you can understand the risk of following these critters . Try to run away as soon as you see that they pay attention to you.

Now that you have everything, you need to install the module on the Seamoth . Remember that, for this, you have to dock the Seamoth in the Moon Pool and interact with its side .

Also, you need to craft a Purple Tablet . You already have Ion Cubes in stock, from when we were on the Execution Platform, but you need Diamond x2 to craft it. You will find them in the caves of the Mountains biome , which is why we recommend you take them before.

Now that our Seamoth can go down to 900 meters deep , it is time to start the journey. Remember to re-equip the Recycler and other diving objects , if you are still wearing the anti-radiation suit from your visit to Aurora. Our destination is the Degasi crew base in the Great Deep Reef , where we have been long ago. Remember, you must go to the rock bridge on the island of Tierra Firme and go down from there .

Once in the area of ​​the base, use the compass and go north avoiding the octopuses . Remember that you can turn off the lights on the Seamoth so that you are not easily detected . When you see that the water has a green hue, you will be in the area of ​​the Lost River: stick to the right side , because there is a Phantom Leviathan in the area that can melt your leads in an instant.

Keep gluing your vehicle to the right side of the rock, until you see this opening .

After going through it, turn right as soon as you can . You will start to see columns of alien technology . Follow the path, going to the right, and you will find the Center for Disease Research , it is unmistakable. Surround the structure and you will find an opening through which to enter.

If you go straight and you go slope to the right side you will find a force field . Exit the ship to place the Purple Tablet and some information about the aliens on this planet.

You have an Ion Cube in front of the force field , make sure to pick it up. Continue a bit more with the Seamoth (you can go under the rubble) and head out to scan the Sea Dragon Egg . On the left you have some skeletal remains that you can also scan.

Continuing down the corridor you will find another data terminal . Later, if you look to the left, you will see a huge skeleton . You can cross a hole in the glass to examine it and get more information. In the last room you will see remains of Curvador , which you can scan. There is a data console in one corner , which will reveal that you have been infected with the Kharaa Bacteria . We are done in this area. As soon as you leave the room, before you go back up the “steps” to the aquarium, you should see another Ion Cube . Return to the surface and return to your base . We have to prepare to go to the Thermal Power Plant .

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