How To Find Capsule 19 in Subnautica

This is what you must do to find Capsule 19 in Subnautica, the fourth objective of the game. Survive the accident with our complete guide.Subnautica will send us to find Capsule 19 after finding Capsule 17 and building the Portable Vehicle Bay and the Seamoth . You will receive a radio call indicating the location of the Capsule . First of all, you should make the Habitat Builder , it is time to start with the creation of bases . For this you will need Computer Chip, Wiring Kit and Battery .

None of the items require rare materials . The only one that we have not told you how to get yet are the two Coral Plate Samples , necessary for the Computer Chip. You can get this by looking for Coral Tables near the capsule and hitting them with the knife .

Once you have it in your possession, it is simply equipped like other quick-use items , and is used in the same way. When you use it, a menu will appear with the structures that you can make . Keep in mind that there are some components that need to be located in ship debris or shipwrecks and scanned to be added to the list. Obviously, the elements require materials .

Since this is a guide to advance in the story, we will not dwell on these particularities , even less when it is up to you where to build bases and how big to do it . Consider the option of doing this whenever you are at a certain distance from the capsule, because you will be able to store objects and regain strength in these safe places. Be careful, because they are not indestructible .

Time to grab the Seamoth and go to Capsule 19 . First of all, you must go without diving beyond 200 meters and save the game . When you are on the Capsule, look for a crack in the bed to go down . The problem is that beyond 200 meters, the Seamoth takes damage , so you must go quickly to get the PDA and the Data Box next to the Capsule, and then return to the surface. Be very careful with the remaining oxygen , at this depth it is consumed faster.

It is quite possible that your Seamoth will not last the entire way up and down, so you must move VERY FAST throughout the process. When you have the PDA, return to your capsule , as always. Build another Seamoth, because yours will be on the last straw, or better, repair it with your Repair Tool. You may get a distress call from Capsule 6, ignore it .

On the screen you should have the landing zone of the Sunbeam and the Meeting Point of the Aurora (Tierra Firme) . You must go to this last place . Try to go as close to the surface as you can , to avoid possible threats.

When you arrive, find a point to go up to the island , go to the marker and pick up another PDA . The Sunbeam countdown should be about to end . Remember to be outside to see what happens. Now we have to locate, explore, loot and scan the three bases on the island . There are two on the highest peaks of the mountain, and the third is in a hollow halfway between the other two.

In these bases there are several things that we want to collect:

  • Abandoned PDA x5
  • Stasis Rifle Fragments.
  • Watertight door (bulkhead).
  • Indoor planter.
  • Vegetable patch.
  • Multipurpose room
  • Planters and Pots (Wall Planter).
  • Ultra-slip fins (in a data box).
  • Composite pot.

On one of the bases you will also see the Purple Tablet (where you scan the Multipurpose Room, the lower base). Scan it and take it away.

Once you have taken the 5 PDA, there is still one missing, in a hollow in the center of the island . In fact, this is where the beacon takes you . Okay, go back to your capsule. Our next goal is to get to the jellyfish cave .

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