How to Find Someone on Telegram Without a Phone Number

Looking to find someone on Telegram without a phone number? Learn effective methods and techniques in this comprehensive guide. Every day there are more followers of social networks and messaging platforms such as Telegram. Information and contact with others is almost which is constant and immediate, which has made starting a conversation with another person easy and permanent. 

The technology in this regard has advanced to a great extent, that even it is no longer necessary to share or provide the cell phone number to add people to groups  or chats. Without having to save them, it is now possible to find someone on the same instant messaging network as if it were a social network. 

How to Find Someone on Telegram Without a Phone Number

How to Find Someone on Telegram Without a Phone Number

If you don’t have the person’s phone number, the only way to add them as a contact is if they provide you with their profile in the app or it appears in its browser with its name. In that case, you can search for the user on Telegram and add it as a contact, after verifying that the profile corresponds. 

In that sense, you just have to follow the following step by step, according to the instructions on the platform’s official page and you will notice that this search engine own, it is similar to Facebook. So if you have used it you will know that the process is simple. 

Finding someone on Telegram without a phone number can be a bit tricky, but here are some steps you can follow, presented in a tabular guide format:

Step Description
1. Open Telegram Launch the Telegram app on your device.
2. Go to Search Tap on the magnifying glass icon to access the search function.
3. Enter Username If you know the person’s Telegram username, enter it in the search bar. Telegram usernames begin with an ‘@’ symbol.
4. Browse Public Groups If you don’t know the username, you might find the person in public groups or channels that you both are interested in. Search for these groups or channels.
5. Use Mutual Contacts If you have mutual contacts on Telegram, check their contact list or groups they are in, as you might find the person you are looking for.
6. Check Linked Social Media Some users link their Telegram account with other social media platforms. Check their other social media profiles for a possible Telegram link or username.
7. Ask for Username If possible, directly ask the person for their Telegram username through another communication method.
8. Use Third-party Apps Some third-party apps or websites claim to help find people on Telegram, but be cautious as they might not be secure or reliable.

Remember, Telegram prioritizes user privacy, so finding someone without their phone number can be challenging and is limited by the privacy settings the individual has set on their account.


Finding someone on Telegram without a phone number is indeed possible. By utilizing methods such as username search, mutual contact search, and group participation, you can connect with individuals even if you don’t possess their phone number. Telegram provides a platform that promotes privacy and security while offering various options for users to find and interact with each other. So, whether you’re reconnecting with an old friend, looking for a professional contact, or simply expanding your network, Telegram can be your go-to app for seamless communication.

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