How to Find Restaurants with Uber Eats on Google Maps

During the days of confinement it is difficult to break consumption habits such as ordering food at home. Especially if you don’t have enough food at home, cooking knowledge or enough health to move around. Google wants to make it easier to find information about your favorite restaurants in their maps application, and not only have they completed the address, photos and menu information with details about their delivery services or home delivery, but now they have with a search function as soon as the application starts.

These are buttons located just below the main search bar of the application. A filter that prevents us from having to see one by one if our favorite or nearby restaurants have delivery or home delivery. In this way, nearby restaurants are filtered according to these shipping criteria. There are two new options in the form of this feature: takeout and home delivery . In this way we will know which stores have these services quickly.

The information about delivery or shipping services was already on the detail page of the different restaurants that appear on Google Maps . That is, you had to look for your favorite restaurants to see if they have home delivery or not. Now there is this general search criteria in Google Maps to find restaurants that do use delivery , which will save time in using the application and will help you find restaurants with these qualities.

The interesting thing about this information is that it not only avoids us having to call and inform us about the process, but it already offers us in detail what services or delivery companies use that place . In this way, it is easy to get to know the address and telephone number of a taco company and see that it not only has home delivery, but also what it does, for example, with Deliveroo. Information that from now on appears reflected in Google Maps as other local data.

Even more important is to know that, if we click on this information, we will directly access the website of the delivery service in question. In this way we can quickly jump from Google Maps to the home order application on duty. We will not waste time looking for the restaurant again in this application , but we will find its page and its menu available to start with the order.


This function is especially convenient and useful if you are a user who is not used to ordering through Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat . They are the usual tools where you can find chains and restaurants in your area. Of course, if the pandemic has caught you without being prepared or prepared, or you simply want to know if your favorite restaurant has this service , Google Maps is now the best option.

Thanks to this information on the local page you can make the jump directly to the web or the delivery application on duty . You’ll have to sign up at some point to complete the order, but at least you won’t waste time downloading and searching for the apps and restaurants. You can do it all through Google Maps in a couple of steps.

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