How best friends work on Instagram

Instagram has become a hit as a photo and video sharing app. A whole showcase that has more than one billion active users. In our account of the platform many people can follow us and see what we publish, but if we do not want all of them to see our stories we need to know how best friends work on Instagram.

The best friends feature on Instagram was launched in the application in 2018. Since then it has been increasingly used by users. This function consists of selecting users who follow you and with them create a list . For these best friends stories can show the rest of your followers can not see.

To make a list of best friends you must open the application on your phone and click on the icon with your profile image located at the bottom right of the screen. Then click on the three lines in the upper right and choose the “Best friends” option. There you can add and remove the people you want to be part of the list.

If you later want to publish a story and have it only seen by your best friends, open the platform and create the story as you always do. Then you will see at the bottom some icons where it says “best friends”, click on them and the story will appear with a green circle , which means that only those friends who are included in the list will see it, for the rest it will be totally hidden.

The best friends option is only available for stories, not for the normal posts that appear on your timeline. You are the one who chooses the best friends and your followers do not receive any kind of notification whether you add them to your list of best friends or remove them from it.


Instagram stories have a duration of 24 hours in which they can be seen by our followers or only by best friends. But if I’m not on someone’s best friends list, how can I see best friend stories on Instagram without being one?

Unfortunately there is no way to see the best friends stories if the creator of that story has not selected you and you are included in their list. Instagram thus aims to increase the privacy of all its users.


The user is the one who draws up the list with the people he wants to add as best friends. Everyone has selected the people who are going to see some of their stories, but how do you see who is part of someone else’s best friends list on Instagram?

The platform does not allow you to see the list made by someone else with your best friends . It is only the creator of that list who has the information. Whether you are a follower of someone or you are not, you will not be able to see who they have on their list of best friends.


If you regularly publish stories for best friends on Instagram and at a certain point you want to make them fully public so that any user can see it, you should know how to change a story from best friends to public.

When you post a story for best friends, you can’t make it public later . If you want that story to be seen by all users or followers on the platform, you must delete it and upload it again. There is no way to change post settings once uploaded and published.

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