How to find and get the heart of the sea in Minecraft and what is it for?

If you are a Minecraft fan , you will surely want to discover all its treasures, among those one of the most interesting is the heart of the sea in Minecraft.

This object has been available since 2018 in aquatic update 1.13 , in which this very important biome is endowed with life and diversity. The ocean biome now has many wonders to offer, treasures unique but challenging for even the most experienced player. In this biome you can find incredible underwater temples to explore.

Just like this biome, the world of Minecraft has many types of fun environments to explore. In order to move around the ocean biome, we recommend that you build a boat that will be of great help to you.

Find out how the heart of the sea will help you make the most of the depths, where to find it and how to use it.

What is the heart of the sea in Minecraft?

It is a green pearl that can be obtained as a treasure from the vast sea. It is also the essential resource to build the ultimate device of the ocean . Perhaps its name refers to the gem lost in the famous Titanic movie after the accident. Others maintain that his name refers to the treasures kept by Poseidon.

How to get it?

As the treasure that it is, the heart of the sea in Minecraft cannot be crafted , only achieved. This can be tricky in such a gigantic ecosystem, but it can be made quite simple if you know how and where to look. Follow these simple recommendations and in no time you will have your own heart of the sea!

Go for the chest!

First of all, you should know that there is a place with a 100% probability of appearing . Where? Well, in a treasure chest! Along with the rest of the items it contains, it is the only known location of the heart of the sea in Minecraft.

The secret then is to find one of these chests. These are buried a couple of blocks away on the beaches or underwater, so be very vigilant when exploring these places.

However, it can be complicated and tedious to review block by block, luckily, there are a couple of tricks that can help you to achieve this .

Your friend the dolphin

The dolphin is the most sympathetic sea creature in the oceans of Minecraft. But maybe what you didn’t know is that if you feed it fish it will lead you to the nearest shipwreck . These boats are very common and spawn in various positions along the coast or at the bottom of the sea.

Shipwreck in sight

If you’ve gotten a shipwreck, it’s time to collect the loot. Not only can you collect all its wood, but in them you can get up to 3 chests with all kinds of merchandise . The most valuable find is without a doubt the treasure map that will lead you directly to a treasure chest.

Follow the map

Once you get your treasure map in the shipwreck, you just have to follow the white point and dig in the exact place where the red X (X) is located. There is also a small chance of obtaining a treasure map from a cartographer in a village that has one. Nothing simpler, it is time to take advantage of your treasure.

What is it for?

Now you ask yourself, was it worth all this process to obtain a simple pearl? Of course! The heart of the sea in Minecraft is the key piece that, together with nautilus shells , allow you to craft a conductor or channel . By placing it underwater and being fed with prismarin, it will give you important advantages in this relatively complicated environment.

As long as you are in its range of action it will stop the breath count which is as if you could breathe underwater. Furthermore, it substantially improves mobility and vision, but that’s not all, at its maximum capacity it can attack hostile enemies! Without a doubt, a marvel that you cannot miss.


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