How to fight caterpillars

If we want to have a garden at home or on a farm where we can enjoy the beauty of flowers, we must know how to deal with the problems that may arise, combat caterpillars and all types of pests.

But to maintain them, a series of steps must be followed, having knowledge of how to eliminate pests, how to take care of them, what to do so that they remain healthy among other aspects that are important to consider.

According to the above, we will analyze a very common pest among the orchards: the caterpillars. Which mainly attack the leaves of the plants permanently damaging them, as a means of subsistence. Let’s see how to fight caterpillars .

So that you learn how to combat them, the most common types, which show signs of their presence, how to prevent them among other responses that can help us avoid their appearance in our plants, so that they have a healthy and full of life appearance. .

Then they will be given a respective definition of what the caterpillars are , to get an idea of ​​the plague we face.

Caterpillars are defined as a type of insect that attack plants, eating stems, fruits and leaves slowly or according to their life cycle; killing relatively or causing diseases in them. It is considered one of the most common pests in plantations.

However, this type of insect, despite being very beautiful in its adult phase, is a disease for plants since it damages without damage the life of them until they are reduced to anything. The content will discuss the measures, types and which signs to follow so that the caterpillars are not in our gardens or orchards.

Fight common caterpillars in gardens

In nature you can find a variety of caterpillars that if we are beginners in the field of gardening, we will not know how to identify which can not only affect our orchards but can affect our health just by having contacts with them.

It is for this reason that a variety of caterpillars that are considered common in the gardens will be shared , so that knowledge about the threats found in our precious plants is maintained.

Drilling caterpillar

Two types of caterpillars are derived, which affect the poplars and palm trees, leading them to have no choice but to cut or eliminate the plant affected by this pest.


For this reason, it is considered that care must be taken with the drilling caterpillar, its strong teeth bite the stems and leaves leaving traces on them. Sometimes they can be found in orchards of corn, tomatoes, barley, wheat, among other plants considered legumes.

The beast

It is a type of caterpillar that affects a variety of plants, its consequences are devastating for seedlings and orchards, depending on the type of fruit or plant they are trying to germinate.

The appearance of this caterpillar tends to be green, which allows them to camouflage with the green leaves of the plants, granting that they continually devour the plant.

Among the most common plants in which this type of caterpillar is observed is in the plantations of: tomato, eggplant, watermelon, melon among others. It should be noted that, they are also able to enter the fruit by eating all of the fruit, damaging from the inside everything edible in the garden or orchard.

Carón de Zurrón

It is a plague of hairy appearance, which can be scary when you look closely, it tends to damage the flowers, buds or leaves, destroying in itself, the life of the plant we want to maintain.

You can find their nests or a variety of them in plants such as oaks, beech, poplars among others.

Tomato Caterpillar

It is very common among tomatoes as the name implies, but it is possible to find it in other types of fruits or vegetables.

Its way of damaging the plants begins with its entrance to the fruit, devouring it from the inside, so that when it is reviewed, large perforations are found on the surfaces of the tomatoes, turning them into waste plantations since they can no longer be taken.

According to the aforementioned mentions, it is important to note that plantations should be monitored daily since, if you want to obtain positive results from them, the care and use of various ways to scare away these pests are necessary.

Because caterpillars appear in plants

We have always seen butterflies and moths as a type of insect that are beautiful views in the gardens in such a way that we tend to ignore their appearance.

But in reality these are the ones that give life to the caterpillars , the same in their reproduction phase leave the eggs on the leaves or stems, which amount tends to be between 150 to 600 depending on the species of the butterfly.

It is for this reason, that they are so common in gardens, plantations or orchards.

As long as constant care is not maintained and this type of insect is sought to be scared off then they will not be able to obtain healthy and full-of-life plants since they will be sick from the bites of the caterpillars that will die by not being able to stay upright with the vitamins of which They feed through their root.

What signs to follow to know that you have caterpillars in your plants

Plants are a way of life, which our environment is considered important since they are the ones that provide us with the oxygen that surrounds us daily. So, we consider that keeping them in our homes is common.

But the question we always ask ourselves is, like knowing that we have pests in our flowers or plantations.

Well, in reality it is very simple, we must propose to review the plants twice a day and if we find the leaves eaten we will realize that we are suffering from pests.

The main and most recognized signs in the leaves are the bites, or the traces of small holes in them; on the stems we can find that the plant is curved or has a dark or pale rosette around the damage caused by the caterpillar.

Recommendations for the prevention of caterpillars in plants

As gardeners we always seek to have an orchard that has all the vitality that a plant can wear, so that a series of indications are carried out that will help keep them beautiful. But it is important to follow recommendations that keep them free of any type of pest.

In this case, a series of tips will be followed that will keep caterpillars away , or adult versions of them, like butterflies.

In order to avoid having damage to the plants that can lead them to die slowly due to the effects caused by them.

  1. You need to perform a thorough maintenance of the plants, to maintain them in a healthy way.
  2. To avoid the approach a variety of pests use the same plants as an attack, since there are some that by their smell or type quickly scare away insects preventing the rest of the flowers or other types of plants are affected.
  3. Prevent the leaves of your plants are dirty by excrement some insects, because if you want to keep them healthy, this is an important step.
  4. Research before creating your garden, insects that can be of great help, that is, that can serve as predators for pests preventing them from approaching your plants.
  5. Try to avoid that when watering your plants water wells are made so that mosquitoes, snails or other types of insects that like to be surrounded by water do not approach.
  6. If you have ways to create a greenhouse in your home, then build it so you can protect it in a way.

It is always important to have knowledge to have a beautiful and presentable garden in our homes.

Always keep in mind the basics when it comes to having your plants healthy, so you can observe them full of life and erect with great elegance.

Natural ways to fight caterpillars

If you do not want your plants to run the risk of being damaged by the use of insecticides, we will discuss some ways that you can implement in your garden that can be very effective.

  1. Tobacco use: it is a product that efficiently frightens caterpillars . The way to use it more correctly is to combine the water with the cigarette butts, and when sprayed on the plants the caterpillars will be quickly repelled. It is an effective method to combat the caterpillars of your garden.
  2. Potassium soap: the soap has ingredients that allow butterflies or moths away, which are the ones that plant the eggs on the leaves and stems of the plant. Combine the soap with water, emptying it in a sprayer and then spread it on the plants so that all are protected against caterpillar pests .
  3. Garlic: it has a strong aroma and flavor for caterpillars , you can use it as one of the plants around your other plantations or they can implement it as a sprayer. Take a container and combine some water with garlic powder, add a little soap, since in this way when spraying it on the plants, the solution is adhered to the leaves or stems of the same keeping them protected daily.
  4. Remove them yourself by hand: sometimes the caterpillars are always visible so with gloves take them with your hands and take them out of your garden, so that you can observe the damage caused, evaluating how much of the plant you can save or if it is necessary that they eliminate those details without completely affecting the garden.

You can find various natural ways, the above are the most common and simple to use but if you want to know other more effective ways, we recommend you watch this video that helps you fight caterpillars permanently and organically.

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