How To extract a complete Windows theme?

When you download a theme, you may not like the sounds, images, wallpapers or some changes that it automatically generates on your computer. In these cases, the best thing you can do is extract the icons, sounds, images of your themes so that you only use the ones you like the most.

You can easily do this by going to Microsoft’s official site   so that you can download a tool that may seem familiar to you called a 7-Zip compressor and decompressor . This program will help you extract content from your themes in any version of Windows you have. So, to find out how you can do this procedure correctly, then continue reading this article.

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  1. How can you extract a complete Windows theme?
  2. Where can you download Windows 7 themes to use?
  3. From where can you install the themes on your PC depending on the version you have?
    1. Windows 8 and 8.1
    2. With Windows 10
    3. On your Windows 11

How can you extract a complete Windows theme?

To carry out this procedure we must download the 7-Zip program and install it on our computer, although if you want there is a portable download, if you are going to use it only once on your computer. Next you must look for the theme you want to extract and as a main point keep in mind that the theme must be in Deskthemepack or Winrar format, which are the formats that Windows accepts to view its themes.


Now, you must open the 7-Zip program and know where the source file of the theme is located, after this you only have to select the option ‘Extract’ , here the program will ask you where you want to save the extraction and in this way you will have extracted all the content of the theme you chose in your Windows.

Where can you download Windows 7 themes to use?

Customizing your computer with themes for your Windows 7 is very easy, since it brings an official page where you can go from the internal configuration of your computer , exactly in the ‘Customize’ menu or by accessing that site through your preferred browser. Once you are in it, you will be able to see the themes available for Windows 7 and when you make a clip on the one you want, you will see the details of the image, wallpaper and information required to download it.

You will find the download link on the designer page of each theme, located in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. On the other hand, you can activate updates so that you can enjoy content that is periodically modified, although you can also deactivate automatic Windows updates so that you only have themes that you have already downloaded.

From where can you install the themes on your PC depending on the version you have?

Nowadays there are many ways for you to download any type of content to your computer with any version of Windows, as its creators as time goes by have introduced official and safe websites to obtain free and fast downloads of all the multimedia content that there you find. As well as they have provided solutions if your Windows Update keeps looking for updates that make it impossible for you to continue working and you cannot download themes for it.

Windows 8 and 8.1

This version of Windows brings a wide variety of wallpapers and themes to customize your PC to the style you like the most, you just have to go to the internal configuration of the Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system that you are using, since for both it is the same process.

Then go to the ‘Personalization of Windows system’ section, which will be located in a window of the options menu of that section. Once there, right-click on the mouse and a window will open that says ‘Search for new topics on the website’. Now in the new screen of the online store you can select the theme that you like the most and follow the steps to download it.

With Windows 10

The creators of Windows 10 have included a store exclusively for their users, where they can download new themes. You can access it from the internal configuration of your Windows 10 operating system or from the task manager by executing commands to easily customize your computer.

  • Once you’re there, look in the menu where it says ‘Personalization’ and clip on it. Then a window will appear as more options, choose the one that says ‘Themes’, this section will show you all the themes that your computer has downloaded and on each of them you will see a link that says ‘Get more themes in the Store’, click clip there.
  • When you are in the application store you will see a wide variety of new themes to download. Each theme will be displayed in a box detailing the preview of its wallpaper image and its icons. By making a clip on it, it will direct you to a new screen, where you can see every detail of the theme, the image, its note, the devices with which it is compatible and the different wallpapers it contains. Make a clip on the ‘Get’ option and Windows will download it automatically.
  • Finally, once it is downloaded in the theme window you will see the ‘Start’ button, when you make a clip on it you will go to the themes section of your computer’s configuration and there you will see the new downloaded theme to apply it whenever you want.

On your Windows 11

Each version has different wallpapers to attract the attention of its users and they can obtain the customization of their desired desktop. The developers of this program created an official page for Windows 11 , where you can go from your browser and see a variety of theme options available for any computer. When you are on the page, you will see that they are stored in folders and subfolders, each with detailed information on the requirements for downloading as well as the details of the file type.

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