How to remove the carousel of wallpapers on Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi mobiles include a function in their layer with which they offer automatic wallpapers depending on the current situation. This is what is known as a carousel of wallpapers , an option that can be annoying and from which it is somewhat difficult to get out . We tell you how to achieve it.

One of the most controversial functions that Xiaomi has introduced in its layer is that of the wallpaper carousel, an option that automatically changes the wallpaper of the phone depending on the news that is most important today. The carousel constantly insists on being activated ; with the complication that, after being put into operation, it is somewhat difficult to remove. But not impossible, there are ways.

Withdraw consent, uninstall the carousel or delete it

Carousel of wallpapers.Image of Xiaomi World

What at first could be useful as an option ends up being a nuisance after the imposition by Xiaomi of the aforementioned carousel. Although it is not used, the application icon appears on the lock screen , at the bottom left (a kind of flower). And it will show notifications for the user to activate it; an action that will lead to the automatic change of wallpapers.


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The carousel of wallpapers would be attractive if Xiaomi did not impose it on MIUI and if it gave the option to disable it in a simple way (or, at least, offered a series of filters with which to restrict the types of wallpaper). This is not the case: activating the carousel, either as a carelessness or as a gamble, leads to the appearance of photos on the lock screen that will not always be to the user’s liking ; images that lead to a related news by clicking on them.

If you activated the wallpaper carousel on your Xiaomi mobile phone, you can deactivate the automatic wallpaper change by removing the consent for use, the contract that you signed when activating the function . It is done as follows:

  • Access your phone’s settings and go to “Always-on screen and lock screen.”
  • Go to “Wallpaper Carousel”.
  • Uncheck the “Activate” box and enter “Privacy Policy”.
  • Click on ” Withdrawal of consent” and confirm the action.

After the previous steps, you will have deactivated the carousel and it will not appear again as a suggestion on the lock screen, although the flower icon will appear on that screen (and a notification may appear inviting you to activate it). To permanently remove the carousel, try to do the following:

  • Go to your Xiaomi settings and access “Applications”.
  • Find the carousel of wallpapers and enter its settings.
  • Depending on the mobile you have, you will have the option to uninstall the carousel or disable it. Click on the icon and delete it.

MIUI allows the uninstallation of this system app on the most expensive Xiaomi phones, so you probably can’t remove the carousel of wallpapers if you have a mid-range or lower range . In that case, you can always remove it using ADB , although it is a somewhat more delicate process: your mobile could stop working properly.

Remove system apps via ADB and shell can make phone unstable, you should keep in mind

To permanently remove the carousel from your phone you can do the following:

  • Activate the developer options on your Xiaomi mobile by entering “About the phone” (in the settings) and pressing “Build number” ten times.
  • Go into the developer settings just turned on and turn on “USB debugging.”
  • Open a web browser on your computer and go to . Click on “Start”.
  • Connect the computer and the mobile with a USB cableand click on “Add Device” in the browser window. Choose the connected Xiaomi.
  • Click on “Connect” and accept access to the RSA key on the mobile screen.
  • Click on “Interactive shell” and paste the following command into the terminal window: ‘pm uninstall -k –user 0’ (without the quotes). You accept.
  • If a “Success” appears in the terminal window, the wallpaper carousel was deleted from your Xiaomi.

Although the app is removed from the phone, it will not always be absent: when Xiaomi updates it, the carousel will appear again (just like if you restore your phone). If you get it again, all you have to do is delete the carousel again using ADB and the shell.

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