How to Export Google Docs Files to HTML

Google Docs or Google documents as it is better known is a completely free tool that allows you to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, you can access them from any computer or device and store all the information in the cloud.

The other users can modify your works at the same time as you do, in case you want to export your Google documents to HTML files you may have problems, since Google Docs is not very good at exporting to HTML in a way correct, that’s why in this guide we will teach you how to do it so that everything is done in a clean and fast way.

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  1. How to export from Google Docs to clean and simple HTML?
    1. Con GoogleDoc2Html
    2. Using HTML cleaner
    3. export text
  2. What tasks to complete before using import and export in Google Cloud?
    1. Default service permissions
    2. configure gccloud

How to export from Google Docs to clean and simple HTML?

There are many ways to export documents, but to get a clean and easy export of your Docs files to HTML, it is using a script called GoogleDoc2Html , you can also find several web pages that help you to do an export, any method you use is valid . Google Docs also offers you how to create professional flyers and brochures .

Con GoogleDoc2Html

This is a simple program that allows you to convert documents into HTML files, it also allows you to convert the style of headings, simple tables, bulleted and numbered lists and text formats. In a few words it is a script that is added to Google Docs to clean the exports and make it work well . Next I will show you how to use it

  1. You must open the document to be exported
  2. In the tools menu you are going to select ‘Script Editor’
  3. A new tab will open where you will copy and paste the GoogleDocs2Html code from Github,overwriting the stub function that the script editor starts with
  4. Then you go to ‘File’ and save as GoogleDocs2Html
  5. Then you go to ‘Run’ and select ConvertGoogleDocToCleanHtml
  6. Finally, select ‘Review permissions’ when the pop-up window appears, you may have to access your Google account and click ‘Continue’ in this way the export will have been carried out

Using HTML cleaner

There are several HTML cleaners that can help you with your files, there are websites like HTML Cleaner, HTML Tidy, HTML Cleanup that are used to clean, in this case these pages do not interact directly with the Google Docs document so you will have to cut and paste the HTML and these apps will help you clean it up, you also need to manually check the code and make sure it’s correct.

export text

You can export Google documents in a massive and very simple way, you just have to select the documents that you are going to export, then a window will be displayed where you can select the format in which the files should be , when you select the one you want, click Click ‘Accept’ and your compressed file will be generated and downloaded to your computer, the process in general is simple and clean.

What tasks to complete before using import and export in Google Cloud?

You should always keep in mind that to use the Google Cloud service is to manage the import and export of Cloud Firestore to recover the data that you have accidentally lost or deleted, and to export the data in order to perform the procedure without no connection, you can export all the documents or some specific ones, in the same way you can import the data of an export.

  1. Before using the import and export service you must ´´Enable billing for your Google Cloud project´´, only those who have this option enabled can do the import and export
  2. You must create a cloud bucket in your project
  3. Make sure your account has the necessary permissions for Cloud Firestore and Cloud Storage

Default service permissions

Every Google Cloud project automatically creates a default service account where import and export use that service account to authorize Cloud Storage operations, you also require access to the Cloud Storage bucket used for an import operation and export.

configure gccloud

You can import and export using the gcloud command line tool , to use gcloud you must first configure the command line tool and connect your project as follows: Sign in to gcloud from Google Cloud and confirm that your project is configured correctly. correct.

Thanks to the Google platform, we can get to know all your programs and applications, so you can use Google Keep to create notes and share them with other people, but you can also insert an audio into a Google slide and improve the presentation. Google has many applications, so you should not miss out on knowing each one of them and their functions.


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