How To Fix Amazon Fire TV WiFi network

If you installed the Amazon Fire TV device , so that your conventional television becomes a Smart TV , but for some reason you have problems when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. You should not worry, since most of the time it happens due to poor signal strength.

However, it can even be a problem in the router or even a simple obstruction can be the cause of all this inconvenience. You can solve this problem yourself at home without having to go to a specialist and that is why in this article we will leave you with all the necessary information for it.

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  1. Why doesn’t the network for an Amazon Fire TV appear in the settings?
    1. Failed internet connection
    2. Incorrect password
  2. How to find your WiFi network on the Amazon Fire TV?
    1. Forgetting network password
    2. Unplugging the modem
    3. Turning off the Amazon Fire TV for a few minutes

Why doesn’t the network for an Amazon Fire TV appear in the settings?

If for some reason, a Wi-Fi network does not appear in the settings or you cannot connect it to an Amazon Fire TV , here in See How to do it we will tell you what is the reason for this happening and also later we will leave you some solutions to this inconvenience .

Failed internet connection

The first reason why a Wi-Fi network does not appear in the settings is due to a bad connection if you have the Amazon Fire TV, very far from your router, this will make it unable to connect to the Wi-Fi and it will not even appear. . IF there are too many obstacles between the device and the router, this will also cause this little inconvenience,

In the same way the devices that transfer or interfere in the same way as your WIFI network, also makes your TV not connect. Microwaves, any cell phone and other electronic devices can also be the cause of this small problem.

Incorrect password

Another reason why you have problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network is that you are typing the password wrong , so make sure you write it calmly to avoid this inconvenience.

However, not only these can be the cause of this, it may also be that there is a problem with the router and most of the time it is solved by simply restarting the device. And finally, although it is very unlikely that it is the problem in the Amazon Fire Stcik TV, although this can still be solved by simply restarting it.

How to find your WiFi network on the Amazon Fire TV?

To solve the problem that a Wi-Fi network does not appear or you cannot connect through an Amazon Fire TV, you can use any of the following methods that we will leave you below

Forgetting network password

First of all try to forget the password of the Wi-Fi network, if you are the owner of the router then we recommend that you enter a new password.

You can also use other wireless devices, be it a laptop or cell phone, so that you can check how the Wi-Fi network connectivity is. If you do not have another wireless device, through the control panel of the Router you can also check its status. In case no device can connect, the problem is in the Router and you must repair it.

Unplugging the modem

As we already mentioned, many times restarting the Modem helps to solve these small inconveniences; however, you can try unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in, so the Fire TV will reconnect.

Remember to remove any obstruction between the router and the Fire TV, of course you can’t do anything with the walls and ceiling, but if possible place both devices as close as possible. For nothing in the world put the Fire TV inside a cabinet, as this also makes the connection to a Wi-Fi network poor.

Turning off the Amazon Fire TV for a few minutes

As a last solution to this small problem, it is to turn off or restart the Amazon Fire TV, since simply this helps to solve many problems, for this you only have to disconnect the Amazon Fire TV from electricity for a few minutes and then reconnect it .

Through the Fire TV menu, you can also turn it off or restart it, you just have to go to settings, then where it says My fire TV and finally click on the option that says restart.


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