How to exit the Windows 10 Insider program and go back to the previous version?

Windows had always worked in a very secret way, this was before the arrival of Windows 10. Since in it, the user was given greater participation by creating the Insider program, for those curious who started using it and are now trapped, today They will learn how to exit the Windows 10 insider program and go back to the previous version.

Because although inclusion is good, and the fact that they want to give more prominence to users is even better, not everything is rosy and there are those who end up trying to bite off more than they can chew because they are clueless.

Among the versions of the Windows operating system , edition 10 is the most prominent. Remember to always find your Windows product key and save it so you can access any of your future updates.

Exit the Windows 10 Insider program and go back to the previous version

What is the Windows Insider program, what is it for, and how does it work? These are the first questions you should ask yourself before even thinking about doing without the program.

First of all and for those who do not know what it is in Insider, it is a program that allows you to access the trial versions of Windows that will come out when it is updated.

This is a Windows initiative for users to debug the system as they want and adapt it to what they want to see in the future. So far so good, the problem is that because they are approved versions they can be very unstable, so it can leave the system like a paperweight.

For this reason the alternative that was created out of the Insider program for Windows 10 and revert to the previous version. All this within Windows itself and without having to install any third-party application.

The system is similar to the one used in Windows phones, to stop using the Developer preview versions, you must first go to ” Settings “, for this you must open the Windows start and click on the small gear that is on the left. .

Once inside, go to “Update and security”, then go to the “Advanced options” section , click on “Stop receiving insider compilations” , when you do this, a window will open in which the option “ Continue ” appears, click there.

Then simply restart the computer in the option of ” Restart now “, you can also restart later, but if you want to get out of your mess do it immediately. And ready to exit the Windows 10 Insider program and return to the previous version completed, now enjoy the stable version of Windows 10 again.

Join the program

In case you ever want to go back in to see the latest coming, or if you are a newbie and want to join Insider, just follow these steps. Go back to ” Settings “, to the “Security update” section and then to ” Advanced options “, once there click ” Start “, this option is in “Get Insider builds”.

A new pop-up window will appear, here you have to accept the terms and conditions of use of the program and then click ” Next “. It will show you a series of warnings about what the use of this program can cause, once you read everything, click ” Confirm “.

Restart your PC and ready to return you will be inside Windows Insider again or for the first time. It should be noted that you need a valid or legal Windows license to use the Insider program otherwise it will not work.

With that said, now you know how to exit the Windows 10 insider program and return to the previous version, as well as return, and in both cases it should not take you long.

It only remains to thank Windows for allowing its users to live the experience of creating or improving an operating system almost fully, with many of the best implemented user tips.

This is why Windows 10 has become the best operating system of all, far surpassing its predecessors and setting the list high for the competition.


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